Promote Your Online Business with Mailigen Email Platform

Promote Your Online Business with Mailigen Email Platform

Promote Your Online Business with Mailigen Email Platform

Being a small business owner, I need to manage the email accounts including the Email lists for my reminders, monthly newsletters, and announcements. It can be hard to keep everything organized at times. Thanks to the Mailigen which is a cloud-based email system that has functionalities like the ability to create the email campaigns and the online surveys. Online Business with Mailigen Email Platform is an easy method to manage emails.

It keeps all the contacts at one place so they are easy to access and has a variety of tools and resources for the email management. No matter how many email campaigns you plan or what type of email management you need, Mailigen can be beneficial for your business and time management.

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Time management systems

The email marketing software lets businesses to make the email campaigns and organize the email contacts and learn to use the email marketing in a quick and efficient manner. Mailigen makes it easy to improve the business potential using email marketing.

Mailigen is a part of the cloud-based system that gives you the access to create, edit and manage different email campaigns. It also incorporates the email campaigns that you already have.

You can also get email signup forms for your website or blog that make it easier for others to sign up for your monthly emails. Some of the added bonuses by Mailigen include the Email audit feature which gives you a comprehensive analysis of your campaign. In addition to this, you can also choose from a list of custom email designs that makes your email campaigns and the signup forms eye-catching.

Grow your business with email marketing

Any type of business can take benefit from the Mailigen email marketing. No matter what is the size of your business, you can still find the advantages of the email marketing. With the internet constantly growing in use and popularity, the majority of marketing campaigns are done online which includes the Email marketing. There are various tools which you can use to teach your staff how to use the Mailigen to its full benefit thereby expanding your business.

Market your business in the half times

Mailigen is a great tool to manage all your email contacts and organize the email campaigns and the contact lists. You also get a plenty of resources for starting the successful email campaign. You can also get the access to the real-time analytics reports which shows the performance of various email campaigns. These can not only analyze the result for the future profits but can also determine how you can improve your email campaign for the maximum success. You can check the open rates, click rate and the bounce rate.

Create online Surveys to Engage with the audience

Mailigen is an easy tool to create and share the surveys in order to get the customer feedback. You can also use it to gather the information about your subscribers in order to build the next steps of the products and services. Online surveys are a great way to get the feedback from your customers. You can improve your customer service and make better decisions. Mailigen will guide you through the process of building, analyzing and running the surveys.

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Getting Started

Signing up for the Mailigen is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. Once your email address is verified and you enter the additional details, you will be instructed to sign into your account. After signing in, you will reach the Overview page which is similar to the dashboard. The overview page is the best way to start because you get a step by step instructions, a calendar of events and an easy access to the analysis reports, campaigns, contact lists and more.

The first step in the Overview page is to create an email contact list. This is easy to do and can be done in a short amount of time depending upon how many contacts you have. You can also change the settings such as the email formats and the notifications.

The second thing you can do is to create an email campaign. The email campaign gives you a variety of instructions for the campaigns and the various settings. You can choose a name, subject, reply email and the details for the campaign.

Pros and Cons of Mailigen

With Mailigen, you will get lots of pros and not much of the cons. Some of the tools and resources that you get when you sign up for the Mailigen are the Email list management, email marketing campaigns, real-time tracking and the analysis reports, mobile marketing, SMS integration and more. Cost of the plugin is the only disadvantage. But is it can be made easier by offering various membership plans so that you can one that fits your budget.

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Is Mailigen for you?

Mailigen is a great tool that manages your email contacts, have the email campaigns and gives you a number of tools for the email marketing. If you are looking for the internet based advertising campaigns and are considering the email marketing, then Mailigen is for you. I personally love Mailigen and recommend it to the people who are serious about the email marketing.

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