The Key To Writing Strong SEO Titles

The Key To Writing Strong SEO Titles

The Key To Writing Strong SEO Titles

Titles are what readers rely on to decide if they should stay on and read your article, or choose another one that sounds more interesting and engaging. This is what SEO competition is all about, and why writing the right title ultimately makes the difference between drawing quality traffic or losing it to your competitor.

The Key To Writing Strong SEO Titles

The title is the main bit of information a user has before deciding to open the piece of content. Using high quality titles is one of the most important ways to increase SEO ranking and views. The title should be relevant and briefly discuss what the article is all about. It should be an engaging summary that is related to what the entire piece of content is on.

The purpose of your title is to help rank your article and to draw the searcher to click on it. When search engines make your article visible it is with the intent to fulfill the user’s need. Therefore, it is good to remember that it is the title that motivates the user to continue to read the article.

When creating SEO titles, the sole purpose should be to write one that increases your traffic. 

Title length

Search engines are known to prefer shorter titles over longer ones. This means that the limited words that you have must let the title stand-out. The title should be 60 characters or less.

The title does not always have to be a complete sentence. If you feel that some words don’t add value, avoid adding them. 

Keywords should be relevant to the article. Research indicates that keywords which are relevant should be added in the beginning of the title as it can have a positive impact on search rankings. Often users only scan the first few words of a title, and if it engages them they will continue to read it. Else, they will move onto the next interesting title.

You can use phrases like how to, find out how, did you know and secrets of in order to pique the user’s interest. The article should answer the user’s question, and provide solutions. 

With so much competition on every topic on the internet, making your titles unique will give you a greater opportunity to be seen by your target audience. The unique information should be incorporated at the beginning as much as possible. 

Always keep up with Google algorithms so that it helps you determine how to write or update your titles to improve user engagement. You can always change your title every two months. Just tweak it every now and then until you find a title that gives you the best SEO ranking.

While many put a lot of effort into writing high quality content, remember that a good SEO title too matters. The primary goal is to grab the attention of the user so that your article will be picked over the competition. The title should reflect the content, particularly in the first paragraph. If the content is seemingly irrelevant to the title, once again you will lose the user’s interest and they will move onto reading something else.

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