Top 21 Tips for Perfecting Your Email Etiquette

Tips for Perfecting Your Email Etiquette

Top 21 Tips for Perfecting Your Email Etiquette

Digital era has made communication simple and easier. Mobiles, Emails, Internet are the good source of entertainment, communication, and information. Besides, Email has made world compact. You can communicate with anyone, anywhere at any time via emails. So, do you have bad email etiquette? Moreover, are you unspeakable with your awful replies to the colleagues? But experts agree that your e-mail behavior has the potential mailing. Today I am going to tell you about Top 21 Tips for Perfecting Your Email Etiquette in this article.

Let’s discuss these Tips for Perfecting Your Email Etiquette one by one.

Top 21 Tips for Perfecting Your Email Etiquette


  1. Importance of Introduction

 It is essential to write about yourself if you don’t know him previously. Besides, If someone refers you that email address, then mention that in the email also. To introduce yourself is mainly significant if you’re sending out a survey or questionnaire to people whose addresses you have got from a database. Above all, it is one of the most important Tips for Perfecting Your Email Etiquette. 

  1. Only discuss public matters

 We always heard the stories about a “private” e-mail that passes to everyone in the company. Moreover, It is the most important point in email etiquette whether the email you are composing is public or private. Ask yourself if the topic being discussed is something you’d write on company letterhead or post on a bulletin board for all to see before clicking “send.” 

  1. Use Spell-check:

It is also important to use spell-check for official correspondence especially when you are using the phone to send an email. Also, Ensure that your grammar and punctuation should be perfect. 

  1. Be careful with confidential data

Always abstain from discussing important personal data through an email such as tax information of business deal of a particular person. You could face some serious implications if the email gets into wrong person’s hands. 

  1. Respond in timely fashion

It is not compulsory to respond immediately when an email arrives. Moreover, You can reply within 24-48 hours depending on the nature of the sender and an email.

  1. Avoid one-word reply

“Thanks,” and “Oh, OK” do not advance the conversation in any way. Feel free to put “No Reply Necessary” at the top of the e-mail when you don’t anticipate a response. 

  1. Try to use BCC for generic emails 

When you are sending out emails to a large group use BCC field that may not all know each other. Make ensure that all your contacts’ addresses are not out there for people unknown to them to access. 

  1. Limit the number of attachments 

Always try to use free hosting services to send a heavy file to avoid clog the recipient’s box. Zipped files and resize pictures are also recommendable. Don’t send several attachments with it, if you know you’re sending an email to someone who accesses his/her inbox on the phone.

  1. Subject line should be clear

It is an essential that subject line of the email should be to the point as inbox is filled with a number of emails. It should be simple, short and descriptive about the reason for your writing.  Also, proof your subject line as carefully as you would proof the rest of the e-mail.

  1. Don’t get mistaken for Spam 

 Don’t choose all caps, all lower case and all those that include URLS and exclamation points.

  1. Subject line match with the message 

It strictly avoids adding irrelevant information in the email. Always use appropriate subject matching with the message body. So that by reading subject one can get an idea about the purpose of the mail.

  1. Maintain Privacy 

When communicating with a group of people, you should always use “Bcc.”  And you need to protect the privacy of your list additionally, avoid giving out e-mail addresses to a third party. Make sure that addresses you willingly hand over to third parties stay with them, especially when the service they’re offering is free. Above all, this is one of the useful Tips for Perfecting Your Email Etiquette.

  1. Keep it short and to the point 

Always compose an email with brief and useful information. Too much information is a burden for the reader and he will avoid reading it carefully. Besides, You can use bullet points freely. The person reading your e-mail should not have to dig through several paragraphs in order to figure out what you’re asking.

  1. Include Signature

If you’re social media freak, include all of your social media information in your signature as well. Besides, If someone wants to contact that he/she can contact details from the signature. Your e-mail signature is a great way to let people know more about you, especially when your e-mail address does not include your full name or company. 

  1. Auto-responder 

Try to avoid auto-response emails. However, one thing these messages do great is alert spammers that your e-mail is real and that they can add you to their spam list.

  1. Formatting

Avoid using bold and all caps at this gives a bad impression to the recipient. They might think that you are shouting at them. Don’t use fancy fonts or multiple font colors either. Avoid underlining text at the middle of the message body.

  1. Watch your tone 

The tone of your email should be sound good. For official email, you shouldn’t sound over-friendly especially if this is the first time you are corresponding with the recipient. 

  1. Forwards should be fixing 

Your email should be sent to the proper recipient. Before sending, it should be clear that your email is clean to forward to other people. It should be kept in mind that you are sending the email to the right recipient.

  1. Audience

You should know about the audience before sending an email to the recipient. Your e-mail greeting and sign-off should be consistent with the level of respect and formality of the person you’re communicating with. Your language should be polite and formal. Similarly, this is applicable for receiver also.

  1. Reflection of you 

Every email you have sent is a reflection of you. Either it can add or ruin your reputation.  If any case your e-mail is sprinkled, messy, and filled with mistakes, it shows that you are a scattered, careless, and disorganized businessman.

  1. Sign off


Always sign off on your emails. Phrases like ‘yours sincerely’ and ‘yours faithfully’ are acceptable for formal emails. ‘Best regards’ or ‘kind regards’ work in most other situations.

These are Top 21 Tips for Perfecting Your Email Etiquette. Try these out while sending an email. I am sure these will help you out.


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Final Words


In the nutshell, we can say writing an email plays an indispensable role in the success of any business. It helps to maintain goodwill of the company. By learning and following above mentioned ‘Top 21 Tips for Perfecting Your Email Etiquette’ can improve your writing skills. If you want to ask something, leave a comment below.

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