What is On-Page SEO and its Benefits

What is On-Page SEO and its Benefits

What is On-Page SEO and its Benefits

“There are billions of websites over the internet. Websites want to get at the top of the result page in order to gain more traffic. SEO is still the most important strategy to get at the top of the result page. Despite many changes in the digital marketing strategies, SEO is still the most dominating strategy among all the techniques.” In this article, you will learn about “What is On-Page SEO and its Benefits”.

What is On-Page SEO and its Benefits

On-page SEO is a practice to optimize the individual web-pages to make in particular order, so search engine can easily understand it and gain higher rank and earn more relevant traffic. On-page has both HTML Source code and Content that need to be optimized and make it Search engine friendly, so all pages can be Crawled by Robot.

On-Page and Off-Page SEO

SEO is broadly classified into two types- on-page SEO and off-page SEO. The on-page SEO technique is performed on the blog or website itself. The techniques involved in on-page SEO are title tags, keywords optimizations, Meta tags, Meta description and many more. On -page SEO does not require any external interference. On the other hand in off-page SEO, optimization is done outside the website or the blog. It involves techniques like Social Bookmarking, Classified ads, Blog commenting, link building, back linking, blogger outreach etc.

Techniques used in On-Page SEO

On-page SEO consists of a variety of techniques. Some of these techniques are as follows:

• Try using SEO friendly URLs that are short and simple. Avoid using dynamic URLs. Try to use page title or keywords in the URL.

  • Keep the title of your article in the h1 tag.
  • Use keywords at the beginning of the title.
  • Include images, videos and other multimedia content in the content.
  • Optimize the Meta description of the article. This will improve the click-through rate of the website.
  • Add LSI (Latent Semantic Keywords) to enhance the keyword searches. It also helps in understanding the intent of the search better.
  • Try to write more than 300 Words for Blog
  • Use Keywords in Heading tags and Sub-heading tags <H2> <H4>
  • Always try to use your focused keyword in the first 100 words of your article.
  • Add Keywords in Alt Tag of Image.
  • Optimize the images used on the website. Images take most of the Webpage’s time to load.

Benefits of On-Page SEO Techniques

Now, let us have a look at the benefits of on-page SEO techniques:

1. Better accessibility

On-page SEO provides better access to your website. If your website is accessible from various sources, then it is more likely to drive more traffic. Moreover, if your page appears at the top of the search engine result page, it is definitely going to attract more traffic. This will improve the conversion rate of the website.

2. Increased Traffic

On page SEO techniques helps in improving the traffic of the website. On-page SEO improves the quality of the content. This makes the website more search engine friendly. This will attract more and more traffic towards the website. If users spend more time on your website, then search engine thinks that you are providing valuable information to the users. It will rank you high in the search result page. In this way, your business will grow as more and more people will be willing to do business with you.

3. Local Business gets preference

On-page SEO provides the best possible results for the users. If you are implementing SEO features like your location in the title of the page, showing your location on the Google maps and mentioning your address precisely, you are definitely going to rank higher in the local search results. On-page SEO has improved the business for the local businesses as well as global businesses also.

4. Time-saving

On page SEO techniques are time-saving as compared to the off- page SEO techniques. The on-page factors are easy to improve as you are having full control over them. You can implement any on-page SEO technique without depending on external factors. On page SEO techniques are budget friendly as compared to off page SEO techniques that require more budget and resources.

5. Improving the CTR

On page SEO techniques helps in improving the Click Through Rate of the website. Optimizing the meta title and meta description is a part of on-page SEO technique. This will improve the organic traffic on the website. It also makes sure that after your website appears at the top of the result page, the users are clicking on the link to navigate through the website.

6. Maintain the uniqueness

On-page SEO helps you in maintaining the uniqueness of the content. Google is updating SERP techniques almost every day. To keep the website content in accordance with the Google’s updates, you have to constantly make changes in on-page SEO techniques. As you have full control over the on page SEO, it takes very less time to alter the website content.

7. Improved user experienced

On page SEO techniques helps in improving the overall user experience. The loading speed of the website gets improved by using good on page SEO techniques. By optimizing the images and videos, the web pages get loaded faster enhancing the user experience. This will also improve the conversion rate of the website.

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When we talk about SEO techniques, on-page SEO techniques are having its own benefits. It helps in improving the conversion rate, CTR, and traffic on the website. It is also a cost effective and quicker method to implement. It is important to completely optimize the content before going towards off-page SEO technique. Digital Marketing experts finds on page SEO technique more effective as compared to off page SEO provided it is one correctly and consistently.

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