What is Website and their types?

What is Website and their types?

What is Website and their types?

Don’t have any idea about What is website ? Website means a location which is connected with internet to maintain the web pages to display your work and portfolio, like which you are looking at now same as SeoRamanArora.com.what-is-websiteWhat is WebPage ?

A webpage is what you are looking on screen when you type in web address, click on web link and put query in search engine. Moreover, we can say which displays in web browser called Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple’s Safari. There are called as Web page. It can contain any type of information including text, font, color, animation, graphs and sound.

What is Website or  WebAddress?

If someone will give you their web address, it generally gave will you their website address’s home page, which introduce their services and terms of information. In other words, collection of webpages which are grouped together and generally connected together in various ways, is called website. You can click on each link and check the information of website. A website can be one page, five page or hundred page or many more pages website, depending upon requirement of site owner.services-marketing-seoWhat is Search Engine ?

A Website which helps to find out the webpages with help of web browser is called Search Engine, Such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.


How many type of Websites ?

Websites are front face panel about you or your business, it can be personal or sharing basis for business. Basically, websites are purely information, which contains relevant data about your particular work, it can be public, educational, e-commerce, blog, research, IT Services, Hosting provider or many more. WWW stands for World Wide Web, which is basically a system of Internet servers that support formatted documents. These documents are mainly formatted in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) which helps to support links to graphics, documents, video and audio files.

Some Basic Websites types:-

  1. Personal Website:
  2. Blogging Website
  3. Informational Websites
  4. Ecommerce Website
  5. Photo Sharing Websites
  6. Writers/Authors Websites
  7. Online Business Brochure/Catalog
  8. Community Building Websites
  9. Mobile Device Websites
  10. Directory Websites

Brief Introduction about Basic Websites types:-

  1. Personal Website:- Sometimes, your domain registrar or Internet service provider offers you free web space to create a website which might include for family photos or online gallery to save your old memories and you will stay connect with your family members. Various wordpress template you will get to create these type of website. Some sample templates are available here. Click to view


  1. Blogging Websites: – Most of people think blogging is very difficult, lot of knowledge need to grab to start a blog. But, Blogging is not only an informational way to deliver the knowledge but also a way to earn money online applying some efforts. Blogs are generally online diaries, journals or editorials, which you are looking at now. Blog owners spend their time on daily-blogs, news, niche blogs, politics or many more and share their perception about it. There are various blog templates, which you can opt for blog website. Like I am using for SeoRamanArora.

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  1. Informational Websites:- Informational websites means that those websites which are only developed to provide an information about particular person, business, place or thing. Like as Wikipedia.org is an Informational website, which is online encyclopedia for everyone. It is different, because it allows member to edit the articles and contribute in their content.
  1. E-commerce Websites:- We all know about E-commerce websites, online shopping as well. There are lot of online brands are selling online such as Amazon, Flipkart, paytm, Shopclues, Ebay and many more. Moreover, millions of people use E-commerce Websites to sell their products online. WordPress provides you easier way to start E-commerce store and sell online. Various E-commerce themes are available with tracking order facility.
  1. PhotoSharing Websites:- Photos make your website more attractive more innovative. There are some websites like Photosite.com, Flickr.com, Google’s Picasa. There are over of thousand websites that offers free photo sharing services which are paid by other advertisers. So, Create your Photosharing website with wordpress Theme.

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  1. Writers/Authors Websites:- Its is a part of author’s platform, which a writer is publishing their knowledge. The platform includes a twitter account, a Facebook presence and more. Most of Writers/Authors have their website, in which they are sharing their perception, thoughts, ideas and many more. When, a writer publish their book on online store, he/just need to aware their fans about recent published book.
  1. Online Business Brochure/Catalog:- In earlier times before internet, we have to use television, print, and radio media to spread the word about our business. No, we can cast over internet and reach to millions of people all over the world with just website. With online Business Brochure/Catalog, you can show your business to world and anyone can easily find your website and address, your business. Like, Research Infinite Solution is thesis guidance in Chandigarh, so it is defining about their business in Chandigarh.

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  1. Community Building Websites:- These websites contains social media, online communities and who people who want to interact with people socially and meet each other who share the interests. There are well-known websites like Facebook.com, LinkedIn.com and MySpace.com and many more.
  1. Mobile Device Websites:- The usage of mobile devices is increasing day by day. Major problem is that standard websites will take much time to load and difficult to view on these devices on wireless connections. So, those websites whose pages are smaller in width and takes less bandwidth for better performance on mobile devices. So, new domain designation which has been created to identify “.mobi” that these websites are “mobile friendly”.
  2. Directory Websites:- Like we have used the printed yellow pages to find businesses and services, so now we have online website directories. The yellow pages has one of it, search engine Google.com, bing.com can considered directories, but their databases are too large, rather than search alphabetically, enter search term to find someone’s business and service.
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