Why Bluehost is the Favourite Hosting for WordPress Lovers

Bluehost is the Favourite Hosting

Why Bluehost is the Favourite Hosting for WordPress Lovers

There are a lot of web hosting companies in the market that are providing services in the domain of shared hosting. Bluehost is one of the leading web hosting service provider company that is offering services in the WordPress blogs. Bluehost is the Favourite Hosting and has become popular in very short time and has been able to carve out its name in the niche of best WordPress hosting service providers.

It’s been 17 years and Bluehost never fails to amaze us with its quality services and continuous improvements. No doubt, Bluehost has become the first choice of WordPress developers. Bluehost has contributed a lot to the WordPress environment. Some of the characteristics of a good website hosting providers are:

  • Web hosting should be reliable so that the website is running 24/7.
  • Website hosting should fit in the budget and should have affordable prices.
  • It should provide the technical support whenever we are facing a technical issue.
  • The hardware used at the server should ensure the best server quality.

Bluehost offers numerous hosting packages that include shared hosting, WordPress enable web hosting and VPS hosting. The Bluehost’s shared hosting package is perfect for the new blogs and it comes in three different packages. The various parameters for evaluating the hosting provider are:

  • Optimized hosting for WordPress
  • Well managed resources
  • Nominal pricing
  • Ease of use
  • Better Customer Support

Some of the reasons why Bluehost has become favorite hosting for WordPress developers are:

Ease of Installation

Bluehost provides an easy and interactive installation of WordPress. The simple interface of Bluehost allows developers to install WordPress within few minutes. One of the main reason why Bluehost is such popular among WordPress developers is that it is well optimized for the WordPress blogs. They are top recommended website hosting providers in the WordPress. This is said by none other than WordPress itself. As a reliable WordPress host, in addition to running the latest version of PHP and MySQL, servers should be configured to handle the additional load that is accompanied with the WordPress. Bluehost is well versed in managing that load.

Bluehost can handle high traffic on the website without getting any downtime. The inbuilt caching feature and Cloudfare speeds up the websites and blogs for you. This allows the users not to worry about the cashing of the website.

Free SSL Certificate

SSL is a security certificate that enables hosting in a secure environment. Google has made the security certificate as one of the ranking factors in search engine optimization. Bluehost is providing free SSL certificates to all the new as well as existing users. SSL certificate is for any website or blog as it makes the website more secure and less vulnerable to the attacks. Bluehost has made it very easy for the users to get SSL certificate. In fact, the user has to just turn on the Enable SSL Certificate button and that’s it. Bluehost has tried to make things simple for the users that do not have prior knowledge about the Website Hosting.

Nominal Pricing

Bluehost hosting service comes in three different packages-basic, plus, and prime. The basic prices are as low as 3.95 dollars per month. The plus Membership has a cost of $5.95. The prime membership costs $5.95. You have to choose the most appropriate pricing for the website according to your requirement.

Start Your Hosting with Bluehost

  • If you want to create only one website, you must choose the basic packages
  • If you want to host multiple websites, you can choose the plus package.
  • If you want website backup and domain privacy, then you should go for the prime membership.

The most recommended package is the Go Pro Hosting package that offers almost all the features that you need in a website hosting. Along with the packages, you get free gifts like AdWord credits that can get you best value for your money. For people that are working from home, they need to safeguard their domain privacy. You do not want the strangers to know your phone number and address. In this case, you can get the prime membership.

Check here for Go Pro Hosting package

Hosting Resources

Bluehost provides unlimited hosting resources. That means you can host unlimited files and get unlimited bandwidth. However, they have a fair usage policy but that limit is so high that you can find the limit to be close to unlimited. For example, they are offering a database size of 3 GB. That is too much of space for the database. If you are not using auto blogging and auto script, it is not possible to reach this limit.


Bluehost cPanel is one of the easiest of all. They have redesigned their dashboard and made it more WordPress oriented. You have the option of using the cPanel but with Bluehost dashboard, you may not need to use the traditional cPanel. Most of the shared hosting providers use standard cPanel which is also easy to use. But Bluehost dashboard makes it further easier to use.

Customer Support

The Bluehost provides 24/7 customer support service. You can contact the customer support via live chat, email, and telephone. The average time to resolve your problem ranges from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. The Bluehost is optimized for WordPress and is having a very few issues.

Bluehost is in the business for more than 17 years and they are providing reliable services for the small and mid-sized organizations. The pricing is also nominal and can easily fit in the budget of small and mid enterprises. Bluehost also offers 30 days money back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with the services you can get a full refund. All these features make Bluehost popular among the WordPress developers.

Start Your Hosting with Bluehost

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