How to Write a Business Plan – Beginners Guide

Write a Business Plan

How to Write a Business Plan – Beginners Guide

A business plan is a written document of your business future. It is basically a roadmap of what you want to achieve and which steps are required to do that. If you are going to start a business, you need to Write a Business Plan in order to achieve your long-term goals. Moreover, a business plan plays an essential role in getting business success.

Apart from that, if you having a company which is going through some crisis and loss then you should rewrite your business plan to get success.

When I Started my Own Startup, Webtunix Solutions, A Machine Learning based Company India Covering the area of Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, data Analytics, video and Image processing, Python Expertise to develop SEO and Digital marketing related products. On that time, I don’t have much knowledge about the business, I was confuse. I got several projects related to SEO and Digital Marketing.

So, I created a business plan with my partners to start business in right way to grab the profitable projects related to Digital marketing and Artificial Intelligence. So, after this Collaboration, We got several projects related to (CPC, CPI, third party ads) projects, who want to create similar products related to Google AdSense.

Why do you need to Write a Business Plan?

If you will not write a business plan then there will be many new thoughts came into your mind that will distract your mind from the real goal. That’s why you need to write a business plan. Also, it will give you clear vision and mindset which helps you take further steps.

Now you know why you should write a business plan. Let’s move further.

There are basically a few steps to Write a Business Plan. I will provide an easy beginner’s guide to Write a Business Plan in this post.

So, just roll up your sleeves, take a paper and write everything about your plan on it.

Steps to Write a Business Plan


  1. Summary of Your Business Plan

This is a very important step to Write a Business Plan. Here you have to write an overall executive summary of your business plan. Moreover, it includes a summary of your short-term and long-term goals. Additionally, this summary should convey the others what you want to do. For Example, you need to start a Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Company. So, get the knowledge about Machine Learning, Data Analysis, and Artificial Intelligence platforms.

  1. Company Profile

In this step, you have to write a short description about your company. It usually includes what you are the company is currently doing or offering and what you are going to do in future. Also, mention if you are going to develop any product which will greatly benefit your business. Example, Webtunix Solutions is an Artificial Intelligence Company in India, and SeoRamanArora is a product of this company.

  1. Market Analysis

Before executing your plan, you need to do the market analysis. This will make you familiar with your competitors and rivals in the marketplace. Also, it helps you find your target market.

  1. Customer Analysis

Here you have to write down who are your target customers, where you can find them and what are their requirements. Here we are Working with third party ads, Google Ads, Google API’s, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, so people approach us for similar kind of projects. Who want to create the Social Media products, third party ad products, API Integration and similar to it.

  1. Competitive Analysis

This is a crucial step to write a business plan. Here you have to write down your competitors, their weaknesses, and strengths. Moreover, you have to describe in which area you have the competitive advantage to get success in the market. Further, you can take advantage of their weakness by improving your development cycle.

  1. Management Plan

A management team is required to execute all the operations in a company. So, you have to make a management team. Then you have to decide and assign various responsibilities of the management team.

  1. Sales & Marketing Plan

In this step, you have to decide how you will reach your target market. Also, how will your promote your product or service, which strategies will you use to promote your business? Further, which channel will you use to promote your product or services? You have to make a complete marketing plan in this step.

For Example this is Youtube Channel of Our Company: Visit here

  1. Financial Plans

Here you have to describe asset and budget of your business. Then you have to mention whether you are getting external funds. If you get external funding, then you have to mention how you will invest your funds and manage your expenses for future. Above all, you have to describe how much profit or revenue you have projected for next 5 years.

  1. Operational Plan

This is the last and important step to writing a business plan. Here you have to write what action you are going to take. Also, what are your major milestones to accomplish your goals?

These are 9 steps to writing a business plan. However, it is not easy to Write a Business Plan. Also, it is very time-consuming. Many of the entrepreneurs make their business plan for the short term. They continue to make a further plan with their growth because no business plan is perfect. You have to make changes in your business plans with the time. But still, you need to Write a Business Plan to make a clear map to reach your goals.

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Final Words

I hope to know you get an idea that how important is to Write a Business Plan to get success. Also, you have to take care of every little thing to make a perfect business plan. If you are thinking to write a business plan then it is high time to do that.

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