How to Add Google Analytics to Blogger For Beginners

Add Google Analytics to Blogger

How to Add Google Analytics to Blogger For Beginners

If you have a blog on Blogspot and want to track your visitors then Add Google Analytics to Blogger. Today, I will tell you an easy way to Add Google Analytics to Blogger in this article.

Every Blogger always wants to keep an eye on how many people visit their site or view their posts. Also, they want to see what activities their visitors mostly do on their site. However, they find it difficult to track the activities their sites.

Well, this is not difficult. I will tell an easy way to track your site traffic.

Google has started a free service with name of ‘Google Analytics’. You can track every activity of your blog with Google Analytics.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a system designed by Google to keep track of stats of your blog or site. Additionally, You can see how many visitors are active on your site, what are they doing on your site, from where they come to your site, which searches brings the most traffic to you site, what pages are mostly liked by visitors, from where visitors accessing you site, at what time they visit your site most, which keywords they used the most to search your site and many other metrics. Moreover, Google Analytics provides the real-time performance of site.

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In my last article, I told about How Can I Add Google Analytics Dashboard to WordPress. Today article is for Blogger’s users, how they can Add Google Analytics to Blogger. It is almost same as we done in WordPress. There are few extra steps for adding Google Analytics to the Blogger.

So, let’s start.

Add Google Analytics to Blogger

To Add Google Analytics to Blogger, you have to add your blog home page to your Analytics account. It is very easy to Add Google Analytics to Blogger. You just have to follow some simple steps given below:

  1. Create Google Analytics Account 

You need a Google Analytics account if you want to Add Google Analytics to Blogger. If you don’t have an account on Google Analytics, it is time to create it.  There are some steps to create an account on Google Analytics:

  • Click on ‘Sign-up’ button.

  • Enter the information in ‘New Account’ form.

Website or Mobile – Select Website.

Account Name – Enter the name of your account.

Website Name – Enter the name of your blog.

Website URL – Enter URL address of your blog

Industry Category – Select ‘Online Communities’ option for your blog.

Reporting Time Zone – Select your country name.

Data Sharing Settings – Check mark in all the properties.

  • Click on ‘Get Tracking ID’ option.

  • Now, Read Terms of service agreement carefully then Select ‘India’ in next pop-up window ‘Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement’ and click on the ‘I Accept’ button.

Congrats, your account is successfully created. Copy the given ‘Tracking ID’ and script of ‘Website Tracking’.

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  1. Add Analytics Code to Blogger

You can add your Google Analytics account to Blogger in two ways.

Add Tracking ID to Blogger 

  • Log into your Blogger account Dashboard.
  • Go to the ‘Settings’ of your blog.
  • Select the ‘Others’ option. (Settings >> Others)
  • Paste the ‘Tracking ID’ in the ‘Analytic Web Property ID’.
  • Save the settings.

  1. Add Website Tracking Script to Blogger 
  • Log into your Blogger Dashboard.
  • Go to the ‘Template’ which is the right side of the Blogger Dashboard.
  • Click on the ‘Edit Html’ button. (Template >> Edit HTML)
  • Search for the </head> tag in the script.
  • Paste the website tracking script just above the </head>
  • Click on ‘Save Template’.

In this way, you can successfully Add Google Analytics to Blogger. Once you done everything, you can see the activities of your blog after 24 hours.

How can you see activities of your blog on Google Analytics?

Once your Google Analytics account added to Blogger, You can track stat of your blog on Google Analytics.

Follow the given steps to track activities of your blog on Analytics Dashboard.

  • Log into your Google Analytics account.
  • Click on the ‘Real Time’.
  • Next, Click on the ‘Overview’ option under ‘Real Time’. (Real Time >>Overview)


  • Now you will see a window where you can see traffic to your blog and also how much time your visitors stay active on your blog. Moreover, You can see many other metrics of your blog.

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I hope you found relevant information from this article ‘How to Add Google Analytics to Blogger For Beginners’. If you have any query regarding this post, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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