Important Things to Know Before Joining Affiliate Marketing

Important Things to Know Before Joining Affiliate Marketing

Important Things to Know Before Joining Affiliate Marketing

Are you going to start Affiliate Marketing? Wait ! There are certain Important Things to Know Before Joining Affiliate Marketing, So must Read this article before moving ahead.

However, there are a lot of many money earning techniques such as Google AdSense but Affiliate Marketing is still a lucrative way to monetize a blog. Besides, there are many bloggers who are generating a smart amount of revenue from Affiliate Marketing.

Before going into details, let’s know a bit about Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the popular and lucrative ways to make money from a blog. It allows you to make money by publishing merchant’s products  i.e. affiliated company products on your site. Whenever a visitor makes a purchase of merchant’s product with your affiliate link, you will get the commission accordingly.

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Do you want to start Affiliate Marketing?

Although, the Affiliate program is free but you need a website/blog. Apart from that, you need to do lots of efforts to promote a product. Besides this, there will be always a risk that you might not get the commission. Also, On-time payment of your commission is very important part of the Affiliate program.

Now, you must be eager to join the affiliate program to start making money from your blog. But don’t snap to it. There are certain salient things which you should know Before Joining Affiliate Marketing. You must know these things before promoting any affiliate product on your blog.

Today, I am going to share with you a few Important Things to Know Before Joining Affiliate Marketing in this article.

Let’s Start.

Important Things to Know Before Joining Affiliate Marketing

  1. Reputation of Affiliated Company 

There are many companies in the marketplace which offer the affiliate program. Moreover, These affiliate programs offer a good commission to their publishers. But not all the companies are genuine. For an instance, you joined an affiliate program and advertise their products. Also, you reached the minimum threshold but in the end, they will not pay you anything. Hence, All you get fooled and your efforts go in vain. Therefore I will suggest you make sure that you are going to promote some reputed and genuine company to avoid such scams.

Besides, A reputed affiliated company always gives first priority to build the trust of their publishers. As a result, publishers promote their products and increase their sales. Moreover, A genuine company always follow a proper scheme for payments and make payments on time. If you choose to promote some genuine affiliate program then you can also make additional income from your blog.  You can earn a huge earning from affiliate marketing if you advertise the product of reputed companies.

Here, I have listed some of the reputed companies which you can join. Additionally, you can get good commission by advertising their product on your blog/website.
  • Avangate
  • Adscendmedia
  • Alibaba Affiliates
  • Flipkart Affiliate(India)
  • Impact Radius
  • iTunes Affiliates
  • Affiliate Window(Europe)
  • eBay Partner Network
  • Amazon Associates
  • TradeDoubler(Europe)
  • AliExpress Affiliates
  • Commission Junction
  • vCommission(India)
  • Rakuten
  • ShareASale
  • ClickBank
  • Hostgator

2. Check Out Minimum Payout Threshold 

There are many affiliated companies which have some minimum threshold target. It means, they pay you when your affiliate earnings reach to minimum payout. However, Most of the affiliate programs have the minimum payout of $50. Therefore, you have to work hard and put your best efforts in order to meet the criteria of minimum payout threshold.

In any case, if you get failed to reach the minimum payout threshold, then all your advertising efforts will be wasted. As a result, you will be disappointed. To avoid such situation, make sure you check the minimum payout threshold of affiliate program before joining it.

3. Cookie Length

There are many affiliate programs which offer cookie length. That means, if a visitor makes a purchase of affiliate product with your referral link from even after many days, you will still get the commission.

Isn’t great? 

Yes, all you have to do is drive traffic to merchant’s website (Affiliate company’s website). If a person clicks on an affiliate product with your referral link then he will be redirected to merchant website to place order. Assume if the visitor only added the product into the cart but did not make the purchase. But visitor buys the product after a few days, you will still get paid for reference. A standard cookie length of the affiliate link is from 30-90days.

However, not all the affiliated companies offer cookies.  It means you will not get any commission if a visitor makes the purchase later. Therefore, check whether the affiliate program offers a standard cookie length or not before joining it.

4. Payment Methods 

Payment method is the foremost important thing to know before promoting an affiliate product. For instance, if you have earned good amount of money by promoting affiliate product but do not get paid. Because that affiliate program does not support the payout method of your country. All your efforts and time will be wasted. You will not get your payment ever.

Different affiliate programs support different payout methods. If you are thinking to join an affiliate program of some other country, make sure that supports payment methods which work well for your country.

Most of the publishers do not get anything because of this problem. Therefore, I will suggest you check payout methods Before Joining Affiliate Marketing.

There are some Payout methods which are supported by most of the affiliate programs:
  • Cheque
  • PayPal
  • Direct Transfer to Bank Account
  • Payoneer

So, these are things which you need to take care Before Joining Affiliate Marketing. I am sure you will not get fooled by fraud affiliate programs if you take care of these things and get your payout on time.

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Final Words

I tried to deliver you best information in this article “Important Things to Know Before Joining Affiliate Marketing”. So, make sure you don’t get scammed by fraud affiliated companies. If you ever get fooled by some affiliate program, share via. Comments.

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