Top 25 Affiliate Program For WordPress Themes

Affiliate Program For WordPress Themes

Top 25 Affiliate Program For WordPress Themes

Are you looking best Affiliate Program For WordPress Themes for your blog? Check out Top 25 Affiliate Program For WordPress Themes in this post.

Affiliate Marketing and Google AdSense are two most lucrative ways to make money online. If you already using AdSense on your blog but want to earn make some additional money then Affiliate Marketing is the best choice for you. Difference Between Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing

Nowadays, most of the companies have started their affiliate programs in order to increase their sale and brand awareness. These companies offer high commission on their affiliate program. You can earn a lot of money from affiliate marketing.

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Besides, WordPress is one of the highest paying niches in Affiliate Marketing. If you have a blog in WordPress niche then you must be looking for a highest paying affiliate program to monetize your blog. There are many companies who offer the affiliate program for WordPress web hosting & domain, WordPress themes, WordPress Plugins, and much more.

 If you want to sell premium WordPress themes on your blog to make some money then you are at right place. However, Most of WordPress theme providers launched Affiliate Program For WordPress Themes. If you sign-up for their affiliate program, you will get your referral link to promote WordPress themes. When someone purchases WordPress theme through your affiliate link, you will get the commission.

Before joining an affiliate program, just make sure you are going to promote products which you have tested your own. Also, don’t recommend a product which you haven’s used or tested because it may hurt your credibility. Moreover, make you sure you’re going to endorse a product from some reputed company.

However, there are many companies that offer commission on their Affiliate Program For WordPress Themes but not all the companies offer a high payout. Don’t worry; I am going to share Top 25 Affiliate Program For WordPress Themes who offer high commission. You can earn a lot from these Affiliate Program For WordPress Themes.

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Let’s don’t beat about the bush and check out the best Affiliate Program For WordPress Themes.

Top 25 Affiliate Program for WordPress Themes

  1. MyThemeShop

MyThemeShop is a popular Premium WordPress theme provider. Also, it is a highest paying Affiliate Program For WordPress Themes. All the themes of MyThemeShop are SEO friendly, elegant, fast, customizable and unique. Therefore, it has a high conversion rate.

So, you can earn huge money by joining MyThemeShop Affiliate program and promoting its WordPress themes on your blog. When someone purchases any WordPress theme of MyThemeShop through your referral link then you will receive 70% commission for each successful sale.

                              Mythemeshop Banner 728 x 90

Features of MyThemeShop Affiliate Program: 
  • 70% commission per sale
  • Monthly Payout
  • No Limit on Minimum Payout
  • Length of Cookie – 60Days
  • Two Tier 10% Commission
  • Access to Insightful Reporting
  • More than 80 Products to Choose From
  • Promote a Reputable Brand
  • Higher Earnings
  • Creative Banners
  1. Theme-Junkie

Theme-Junkie is a reputable brand in the market as well as recommended WordPress themes provider. It offers themes which are attractive with snappy premium design at very affordable price.

Additionally, It has 30 days refund policy in a case you do not like the theme. Moreover, they provide you an easily customizable code of their themes.

Apart from that, Theme-Junkie offers an amazing Affiliate Program For WordPress Themes. If you choose to promote themes of Theme-junkie then you will get 50% commission on each sale. Moreover, they will send you the notification whenever you make a successful WordPress theme sale. You can also keep track of your sales and performance. 

Features of Theme-Junkie Affiliate Program: 
  • Free Sign-up
  • 50% commission on each sale
  • Minimum Payout – $50
  • Cookie Length – 30days
  • You will be notified by an email whenever you make a sale.
  • Keep track of your sales in your account center.
  • Timely Payment
  • Minimum Threshold – $50
  • Pay you via. PayPal

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  1. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes are well known Premium WordPress themes provider in the marketplace. Also, it has gain popularity as the developers of multi-purpose Divi theme. They have 3, 85, 236 customers and offers 87 beautiful themes as well as 6 WordPress plugins. In Addition, it offers countless powerful features with their themes. It has awesome conversion rates.

You can get whopping 50% commissions for each sale by joining its Affiliate program. The prime reason to promote Elegant Themes is its high conversion rate.

Features of Joining Elegant Themes Affiliate Program:
  • 50% Commission Per Sale
  • Minimum Payout – $58
  • Cookie Length – 180days
  • Get Renewal Commission.
  • Wide Range of Creative Banners and Textual Links
  • Free Sign-Up to its Affiliate Program
  • Payment Method – PayPal

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  1. CyberChimps

CyberChimps is one of the popular WordPress Themes and Plugins providers. It offers you fully responsive and beautiful designed themes. Its themes are best for blogs and small business. Further, it offers 65 WordPress themes which are easily customizable and 6 WordPress Plugins.

Besides, you make huge revenue with CyberChimps 2 tier Affiliate Program For WordPress Themes. It offers a whopping 100% commission on first two successful sales of WordPress themes. Moreover, you will get additional 25% commission if the amount of order is more than $50.  You can make huge money from CyberChimps Affiliate Program.

Apart from this, if you refer others to joins CyberChimps Affiliate Program with your referral link, then you will also receive additional 5% commission for all the sales they generate.

Cssigniter Themes Banner

Features of CyberChimps Affiliate Program: 
  • 100% Commission on the first 2 sales.
  • 40% commission on each sale with product prize ranges from $47 to $97.
  • Cookie Length – 90days
  • Unique Banners and Collateral.
  • 25% additional commission for each order of value greater than $50, you will get 25% commission besides your 40% regular commission.
  • 2 tier affiliate program – You as an affiliate, will get the commission for sending direct sales to their website and also get the commission for encouraging other affiliates to join our affiliate program.
  • Get your friends to sign up as CyberChimps’ Affiliate and earn 5% commission for all the sales they generate.

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  1. StudioPress

StudioPress is well-known for the Genesis framework. It has a collection of 37 premium WordPress themes. They have good conversion rates are

Further, StudioPress has launched amazing two-tier Affiliate Program For WordPress Themes. The themes of StudioPress are of low cost so it has a high conversion rate.

Moreover, you will get 35% commission on each successful sale and additional $75 if someone signup to StudioPress with your referral link. It manages its affiliate program via ShareASale. You can also keep track of your performance of your earnings with its affiliate program.

Features of StudioPress Affiliate Program: 
  • 35% commission on the each sale.
  • StudioPress Site Referral – $75
  • sales per month – $100 commission per sale
  • More than 11 sales in a month – $150 commission per site
  • Cookie Length – 60Days
  • Access to the real-time report of your total earning via ShareASale Dashboard.
  • Send you Payment on every 20th of each month.
  1. ThemeForest 

ThemeForest has covered the largest marketplace as a WordPress theme provider. It has a huge collection of more than 9000 WordPress themes and 5,161 WordPress plugins.

ThemeForest offers a great Affiliate Program For WordPress Themes. Get some additional money with your website by promoting products of ThemeForest. You can increase your sales by choosing its beautiful banners for promoting its themes.

Themeforest Banner 728x90

Features of ThemeForest Affiliate Program: 
  • 30% commission on the each successful sale and when the referred person deposits the payment.
  • Cookie Length – 30days
  • Minimum Payout – $50
  • Offers a wide variety of Referral Banners.
  • Timely Payments
  • Free sign up.

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  1. TeslaThemes

TeslaThemes is one of the fast growing WordPress theme providers which offer beautiful, modern themes with a clean design, powerful feature and premium support. It has a collection of 65 WordPress themes and many plugins. Additionally, it has 22,419 customers.

Besides, TeslaThemes has two tier Affiliate Program For WordPress Themes. It offers 50% commission on each sale of WordPress theme. The best thing about TeslaThemes Affiliate Program is its minimum threshold that is only $1. It simply means you can receive your money even after the first sale via your affiliate link.TeslaThemes BannerFeatures of TeslaThemes Affiliate Program: 

  • Free Signup
  • Timely Payment
  • 50% commission on the each sale.
  • 2-Tier Affiliate Program.
  • 15% additional commission through 2-tier Affiliate Program
  • Minimum Payout – $1
  • Cookie Length – 90days

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  1. Themeisle

Themeisle is one of fast growing theme store in the marketplace. It offers more than 20 WordPress themes and templates. Moreover, it is trusted by 471,039 users.

Themeisle offers a great affiliate program for publishers to increase their sales. Also, the publisher can earn 55% commission for each sale of Themeisle WordPress theme. They also offer a cookie to keep track of your affiliate link. Additionally, they have an Affiliate Management team to help you in increasing sales.

themeisle Banner

Features of Themeisle Affiliate Program:
  • Free signup
  • 55% commission on the each sale.
  • Cookie Length – 365 days
  • Minimum Payout – $100
  • Timely Payment
  • Affiliate Management Team Support via. Email, Phone, Twitter, and Skype.
  • Creative banners, Email Template, and Text Links.

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  1. CSSIgniter

 CSSIgniter is one of the cheapest WordPress theme providers. The cost of its themes starts from $49. It offers you themes with various with many customized widgets and options to make your site look attractive.

Apart from this, you can make add some bucks in your pockets by joining CSSIgniter Affiliate Program. It is an amazing Affiliate Program For WordPress Themes. You will also get renewal commission and detail report of your earnings from CSSIgniter.

Cssigniter Themes Banner

Features of CSSIgniter Affiliate Program: 
  • 50% commission per sale.
  • Free Signup
  • Minimum Payout – $100
  • Cookie Length- 30days
  • Renewal commission
  • Monthly Payout
  • Timely Payment
  • Customizable Affiliate Link
  • Detailed Live statistics

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  1. MojoThemes Affiliate Program

MojoThemes is a huge marketplace which offers a full set of products for sale. It supports top 70 platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Zenphoto, PrestaShop and much more. Additionally, it has hundreds of premium themes and templates.

Besides, MojoThemes Affiliate Program offers 30% commission per sale of WordPress theme. If you are thinking to promote MojoThemes then you will also get good promotional material to influence your visitors to buy MojoThemes.

Features of MojoThemes Affiliate Program:
  • 30% commission per sale.
  • Cookie Length – 30days
  • Free Signup.
  • Monthly Payout.
  • Minimum Payout – $50
  • Creative Affiliate banners and logos.
  1. is a quality premium WordPress theme provider. It allows you create drag and drop WordPress themes. Moreover, gains lots of popularity for its Themify builder plugin. You can create fast, easier and responsive WordPress themes by using its plugin. Additionally, has more than 65,934 happy customers.

Above all, you can make a decent amount of money with affiliate program. Because of low-cost themes, you can earn more money from it. It is the genuine Affiliate Program For WordPress Themes. Additionally, you can use its influencing banners to boost your BannerFeatures of Affiliate Program:
  • Free signup.
  • 30% commission on the each successful sale.
  • Cookie Length – 60days
  • Payment Method – PayPal
  • Minimum Payout – $50
  • Monthly Payment.
  • You can view live statistics of your monthly payment, clickthroughs and downloaded banner in the members’ area. 
  1. TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster is well known for website templates and themes. It has 1311 WordPress themes. It offers 100% Responsive themes and SEO friendly WordPress themes. Additionally, it has a powerful set of widgets and plugins. Moreover, the designs of themes are outstanding.

TemplateMonster has started a lucrative Affiliate Program For WordPress Themes. Additionally, you can sign-up to its affiliate program free of cost. You can make 50% commission for each sale with its 2 tier affiliate program. Apart from that, they also have trained affiliate team which will support you when you need any kind of help.TemplateMonster BannerFeatures of TemplateMonster Affiliate Program:

  • 50% commission per sale.
  • Cookie Length – 365 Days
  • Get 5% additional commission with 2-Tier Affiliate Program
  • 24/7 support of trained affiliate team
  • Payment Methods – PayPal, Scrill, SWIFT, Payoneer, Webmoney, and ACH.
  • Minimum Payout – $100
  • You can use your commission money for getting the discount on one of their template.
  1. EngineThemes

EngineThemes is a theme provider which provides themes for WordPress app. It has a collection of 13 WordPress app themes. You can gain your mobile audience with a better-dedicated design.

In addition to this, it has an affiliate program which offers whopping 35% commission per sale. Moreover, you can take advantage of its various special offers and seasonal promotions to increase your earnings.Enginethemes BannerFeatures of EngineThemes Affiliate Program:
  • 35% commission on the each successful sale of WordPress app theme.
  • Minimum Payout – $50
  • Cookie Length – 30 Days
  • Detailed Report to track your performance and how much you are earnings.
  • Monthly Payment around 17-20th of every month when your earnings exceed $50.
  • Promote Quality Products
  • Get notification of special offers and seasonal promotions.

 WPZOOM is well-known for providing high quality, functional and professional WordPress themes. It provides fast and easy to use WordPress themes. Besides, it is very popular because of its SEO friendly and responsive themes. WPZOOM is currently trusted by more than 40.000 customers from 115 countries. Additionally, it has developed approximate 100 themes till now.

If you are a publisher and want to promote WPZOOM themes then you can earn a good amount of money with its affiliate program. You can get 25% commission if you successfully sell any WordPress theme of WPZOOM.WPZOOM BannerFeatures of WPZOOM Affiliate Program:
  • Free Signup.
  • 25% commission on the each sale.
  • Minimum Payout – $1
  • Cookie Length – 30 Days
  • Payment Method – PayPal
  • Payments are sent within 25 days from the end of the month.
  1. ThemeFuse

 ThemeFuse is a web design studio which is passionate about creating modern and responsive WordPress themes. It offers eye candy designed themes which are easy to customize. Moreover, it has a collection of 45 WordPress themes which allow you choose right look and feel for your website.

If you looking for genuine Affiliate Program For WordPress Themes then you can sign-up to ThemeFuse Affiliate Program. Every time you make a successful sale of WordPress theme, you will receive 30% commission.

Features of ThemeFuse Affiliate Program:
  • 30% commission per sale.
  • Cookie Length – 60 Days
  • 10% additional commission on recurring payment.
  • Monthly payout.
  • Payment via. PayPal
  1. aThemes

 aThemes is famous for its premium WordPress themes. It has been creating WordPress themes since 2013. It offers elegant themes which are easy to use, well designed, frequent updates and backed up by the fast support. They have a collection of 7 premium themes and 19 free themes. Moreover, it has 65 WordPress themes.

Besides, you can make huge revenue with aThemes Affiliate Program. Moreover, you can keep track of your performance and earnings from its detailed reports. It is one of the popular Affiliate Program For WordPress Themes.

Features of aThemes Affiliate Program:
  • Free Signup
  • 50% share commission on the each sale.
  • Monthly Payout.
  • A detailed report of conversion rates, traffic, performance, and earnings.
  • Cookie Length – 365 Days
  • Minimum Payout – $100
  • Timely Payment.
  • Payment Method – PayPal
  1. Solostream

 Solostream is a perfect solution for any online business. It is best known as Premium Business WordPress Themes provider. It is trusted by 20030 customers. Additionally, it has a large collection of 65 WordPress themes which are highly responsive and SEO friendly. Moreover, it has an incredible support team. Further, it offers 30 days refund policy if you did not like the theme.

Join Solostream affiliate program to grab some money from your blog. It is one of the lucrative Affiliate Program For WordPress Themes. You can join it free of cost. Also, it is damn easy to promote its themes.

Features of Solostream Affiliate Program:
  • Free sign-up
  • 35% commission on the each successful sale.
  • 15% additional commission on recurring installments.
  • Minimum Payout – $50
  • Pay every 15th of the month
  • Cookie Length – 30Days
  • Payment Method – PayPal
  1. Weblizar

 Weblizar is one of the best premium WordPress theme providers which provide responsive and mobile friendly themes. It has a collection of themes and plugins. They are developing themes since last 5years. Moreover, they have more than 20 WordPress Premium Themes & Plugins.

It is another genuine affiliate program for making money. Because it is a well-known theme provider, therefore, it has a high conversion rate. You can earn good revenue if you sell Weblizar WordPress themes.Weblizar Banner

Features of Weblizar Affiliate Program: 
  • Free Signup.
  • 10% commission on the each sale.
  • Cookie Length – 365 Days
  • Additional 5% commission for recruiting affiliates.
  • Customizable banners for increasing sales.
  • Monthly Payout.
  • Payment via. PayPal and 2Checkout Payments.

 THEMETRUST has a collection of WordPress themes and plugins. It has a large collection of easy to use, beautiful and fully functional WordPress themes. Moreover, it has 17 standard themes and 3 mega themes. The design of themes is elegant and attractive. If you purchase a bundle of standard themes them you will get 15 free themes at $999.

If you are a publisher then you can join its affiliate program to earn some money. It will also get access to statistics of your performance and earnings of THEMETRUST Affiliate Program.

Features of THEMETRUST Affiliate Program:
  • 30% commission on the each sale.
  • Free Signup.
  • Monthly Playouts on every 5th of the month.
  • See statistics of your performance and earnings.
  • Timely Payments
  • Payment Method – PayPal 
  1. Magazine3

 Magazine3 is a Professional WordPress themes provider. It is creating magazine themes for WordPress since 2010. Moreover, it has more than 14,500 trusted customers. It offers themes which are professional in look, simple and user-friendly. Additionally, it has a vast collection of 43 WordPress themes.

It also has a high conversion rate because of its popularity for WordPress themes. You can earn a handsome amount of money by promoting Mangazine3. So, it is worth joining Affiliate Program For WordPress Themes.Magazine3 ThemesFeatures of Magazine3 Affiliate Program: 
  • 40% commission per sale.
  • Fee Sign Up.
  • Minimum Payout – $45
  • Monthly Payment on every 1st of the month.
  • Creative Banners.
  • Payment Method – PayPal and MoneyBookers.
  1. Templatic

 Templatic is providing the best business solution in the form of WordPress themes. It has powered more than ten thousand websites for over 8 years. Additionally, it offers more than 80 premium WordPress themes.

Moreover, it has a huge collection of themes which includes responsive directory themes, tourism themes, travel agencies themes, multi-purpose portfolio themes, magazine themes, event portals and much more.

You can also promote its themes to earn some money by joining its affiliate program.

Features of Templatic Affiliate Program: 
  • 30% commission per sale.
  • Minimum Payout – $50
  • Free sign-up to the affiliate program.
  • Payment Method – PayPal

ORAGNICTHEME is a famous WordPress theme provider on the web which offers collection professional WordPress themes. It has 27 professional WordPress themes and 29 responsive themes. Its themes are beautifully designed, customizable and easy to use.

ORGANICTHEMES is a reputed company; a quick promotion can bring an impressive amount of money for you. It is quite easy to promote ORGANICTHEMES.

Features of ORGANICTHEMES Affiliate Program: 
  • Free Signup.
  • 30% commission per sale.
  • Must have to generate 3 sales before receiving the commission.
  • Affiliates will be paid each month for valid referrals generated from 2 months prior.
  • Must have to submit W-9 or W-8BEN tax form. 
  1. AccessPress

AccessPress is a WordPress theme provider which offers elegant responsive design themes. Additionally, it has a wide collection of WordPress themes such as Creative themes, e-commerce themes, photography themes, magazine themes, on-page WordPress themes, responsive WordPress premium themes and much more. Moreover, its themes are optimized for search engines. Further, it has more than 17 stunning premium WordPress themes.Accesspress themes BannerGrab some money by promoting AccessPress your blog or website by joining its affiliate program. You can make upto 30% commission on each sale of its theme by joining AccessPress Affiliate Program.

Features of AccessPress Affiliate Program: 
  • Free Sign-up.
  • 30% commission on each sale.
  • Minimum payout- $100
  • Monthly Payment.
  • Payment via. PayPal
  • Creative Banner Design
  • Cookie Length – 30 days
  • A handful of affiliate resources.
  • Affiliate Management Team
  1. SiteMile

It is also one of the providers of WordPress themes. Additionally, it offers a plug-n-play feature in WordPress themes. All the themes of SiteMile are highly optimized with SEO. Moreover, it has a variety of WordPress themes such as responsive WordPress auction theme, WordPress project building theme, WordPress classified ads themes and much more.

SiteMile offers one of the best Affiliate Program For WordPress Themes. Join it now and start making money from your blog or website.

Features of SiteMile Affiliate Program:
  • Free Signup.
  • 40% commission on the each sale.
  • Earn up to $151 for each sale.
  • Detail of your payout through statistics report.
  • Request for payout to
  • Receive money within 24 hours of request.
  • Timely Payments.

MH THEMES is one of the most popular sources of premium magazine WordPress themes. They offer highly-optimized, SEO friendly, professional layout themes. You can monetize your blog by using such attractive themes.Moreover, It has more than 18.600 users. Further, it has a collection of 24 premium WordPress themes.

You can make additional bucks from your blog by joining MH THEMES Affiliate Program. It offers very sign-up also it is very easy to promote MH THEMES products.

Features of MH THEMES Affiliate Program: 
  • Free Signup.
  • Earn Commission for every new customer you refer to MH THEMES.
  • 10% Referral commission on each Sale.
  • Ge commission on all products of MH THEMES
  • Cookie Length – 30Days


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