How AI Can Uncover the New Insight of Digital Marketing

New Insight of Digital Marketing

How AI Can Uncover the New Insight of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing in broader terms means to promote brand’s product and services through any of the electronic media. As more and more people are joining digital media platforms, brands do not want to miss this marketing opportunity. Artificial Intelligence has given a lot of power in the hand of digital marketers.

  • Artificial Intelligence applications in digital marketing include prediction analysis, sales forecasting, AI-powered Chatbots etc.
  • Big brands already have come to know about the importance of digital marketing in present as well as the upcoming scenario. They are well aware that how important it is to mark the digital presence of the brands.
  • Also, small businesses also are becoming aware of the digital marketing. It is well known how difficult is it for the smaller businesses to enhance their sales and services. With the help of digital marketing, they can reach to huge target audiences and can leverage their sales.

Classification of Digital Marketing:

Importance of Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing is a more cost-effective solution as compared to traditional marketing. Small businesses that find it hard to market their products are gaining most from the digital marketing as it fits in their budget and is the more cost-effective solution. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence research in the field of digital marketing has given more power to digital marketing techniques.
  • In digital marketing, the whole world is your market. Digital marketing provides equal opportunities to all the organizations whether big or small. By implementing proper marketing strategies, any organization can mark their online presence.
  • Digital Marketing helps in improving the conversion rate. Digital marketing enables businesses to not only generate leads but also converting into prospecting customers.

For the better understanding of the topic, let us first discuss some definitions:

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is a broad term that deals with making machines capable of doing things that require human intelligence. As human intelligence has a very wide scope, so as artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence deals with making intelligent surveillance systems, robots, driverless cars etc.

Machine Learning: Machine Learning is a sub-field of Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning applications Deal with training machines so that they can work without being explicitly programmed. It enables machines to learn from their past behavior.

Deep Learning: Deep learning, on the other hand, is a subset of machine learning. Deep Learning is based on the working of the human brain. Deep Learning uses the neural network to solve problems.

Now, let us discuss how AI can uncover the new insights of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketers get more power
  • With the advancements in the Artificial Intelligence Research, SEO techniques have improved a lot. Modern-day SEOs have to face a lot of challenges. Some of the challenges faced are:
  • Understanding the user behavior to provide personalized results.
  • Monitor the performance of websites to get various stats and analyzing them.
  • Content creation that generates more traffic.
  • Improve the ranking of the websites using white hat techniques.
  • Leverage the user experience by AI enabled customer support service and better response time.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing includes solving all the above-mentioned problems.

Artificial intelligence software companies have helped in developing an efficient and cost-effective solution to the problems.

  • Artificial intelligence applications help in monitoring the data, increase or decrease in traffic, Click Through Rate etc. Also, it has helped Digital Marketers in analyzing the data.
  • With the help of Deep Learning, you can easily get to know about the articles, topics, keywords that are trending.
  • Artificial Intelligence is helping digital marketers in improving the ranking of the websites.The ranking of any website is dependent on user experience, good content and personalized experiences.
  • AI machine Learning Chatbots have improved the user experience. Chatbots provide round the clock customer support that improves user experience, resulting in improved sales.
Understanding User Behavior
  • Artificial Intelligence helps in better understanding of user behavior. We can get a better user insight by analyzing the data that is associated with the user. User intentionally or unintentionally leaves behind a huge amount of data. This data may be in the form of past searches, emails, contact information, etc.
  • Artificial Intelligence applications have helped digital marketers to get most out of this data. They can churn out this data and can have a better understanding of the user behavior.
Forecasting market trends
  • In the ever-changing scenario of the market, one thing is permanent that nothing is permanent. There are a lot of factors that affect the market trends.Be it government policies, recession, new competitors in the market etc.
  • It becomes very important to forecast the future trends in the market so that the organizations can make their policies accordingly. Artificial intelligence research has helped in forecasting future market trends that have helped organizations to improve their sales.
Competitor’s strategy analysis
  • In business, it is very important to analyze the competitors’ strategies also. Not only you can learn from those strategies, but you can also take your decision or make your strategy accordingly. Artificial Intelligence companies have developed systems that can analyze competitors strategies and compare them with your strategies.
  • Machine learning as a service helps in comparing the past behavior, profits and upcoming plans of the business. In this way, you can get a lead over your competitors.
SWOT analysis using AI
  • As we all know that SWOT analysis is the crux of any marketing strategy. Same is the case with the digital marketing. SWOT is an abbreviation for Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat. Artificial Intelligence applications in digital marketing have helped business in performing the SWOT analysis by generating reports, the graphical representation of the data.
AI helping in getting insights
  • AI Machine Learning has helped in getting the better insight of the digital marketing. Observation and insights are two different things. A proper insight helps in identifying the problem, analyzing and getting solutions to the problem. On the other hand, mere observation alone, cannot lead us to the desired results. Webtunix is Articficial intelligence Consulting company helps you in providing efficient and cost effective solution for your AI based software solutions in digital Marketing.

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