How To use Mailigen Email Platform For Marketing Agencies

How To use Mailigen Email Platform For Marketing Agencies

How To use Mailigen Email Platform For Marketing Agencies

Are you looking for the good email marketing software for Email marketing campaign? Do you want a solution that can handle all your email marketing campaigns effectively? Then you are in the right place. Mailigen is a professional automated software solution which offers email, mobile and social media marketing in more than 100 countries worldwide.

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Mailigen Email Platform For Marketing Agencies

The effectiveness of the marketing campaign can be measured by email campaign. With the introduction of technology, email marketing has evolved tremendously over the past few years. Email marketing is considered as the cost-effective way of marketing and reaching the people across the globe. It is useful for measuring the campaigns and its effects on the marketing.

Email marketing helps the businesses to promote their campaigns and to monitor the results through real-time data. The main aim of the Mailigen was to increase the Email opening rates through sending the emails to the subscribers. You can get to know about How to Write a Professional Email

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Mailigen can be used by the marketing agencies for the following purposes:

Drag and drop Email Editor

Mailigen has a drag and drops email editor that is offered as a part of the Mailigen software. There is no need to have any prior coding language. The editor allows users to arrange the email in 9 different types of content blocks that can be moved easily. You can also create the layouts with the drag and drop editors.

The email editor also includes the image gallery and an associated image editor which makes it easy to manipulate the images quickly. Social media links can also be added to these emails to guide the customers to the social profiles. It also provided the default as well as customized formatting so that the fonts and colors remain uniform for the entire email.

Real Time Email Analytics

Mailigen has the features that make it easier to respond to trends and the data generated based on the activity of the subscriber. There is a certain type of activities that can be used before the email has been sent. It also offers support for A/B testing. Once an email has been sent to the subscriber, in-depth analysis is immediately available and updated in the real time.

Users can also check how many subscribers have opened the email, what link has been clicked and who has unsubscribed from your emails.

Users can also check the exact reason for the bounced emails and the reports regarding the specific emails. Mailigen also provides the access to Google Analytics integration, featuring the information about website activity, sales, and conversion generation.

Responsive online survey generation

Getting the information from customers and subscribers is much easier with Mailigen’s responsive online survey generation. Mailigen allows its users to build the surveys with a convenient drag and drop editor. Users can easily drag and drop the buttons, polling options, and other features into a survey.

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You can also conduct the surveys in the with the help of Mailigen. The surveys are built in a way that they are accessible from any device or browser.

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Users can also build the surveys from the scratch and select the templates that are available in the Mailigen.

A wide amount of features

There are a wide variety of features that Mailigen has to offer. These features are helpful for building the email and SMS marketing campaigns. It can be used for driving the sales and personalizing the communication with the current as well as the potential clients and informing the customers about new products and services. Mailigen is an automation based platform and drag and drops email designer makes it easier to develop the successful marketing campaign.

The segmentation features of the Mailigen ensure that the particular marketing campaign is targeted in the right direction. In the upcoming future, Mailigen will continue to expand the new features that can be used to benefit the business. Currently, there are plans for the depth push triggers, e-commerce 360 reporting, and conversion tracking, the option to make purchases directly from the emails have been sent out among other features.

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With the huge amount of third-party integrations, Mailigen works well along with the other popular business applications. We can say that Mailigen is a powerful marketing solution that can help to build the stronger and effective campaigns.

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