How To Increase AdSense Revenue Using SEMRUSH

Increase AdSense Revenue Using SEMRUSH

How To Increase AdSense Revenue Using SEMRUSH

Are you struggling to Increase your AdSense earnings?SEMRUSH is the best tool to boost AdSense income.Learn how to Increase AdSense Revenue Using SEMRUSH.

Google AdSense is one of the best techniques to make money online. Many of the Bloggers are making a smart amount of money with Google AdSense day by day.

Are you already using Google AdSense to monetize your blog?

No? if you have not started using AdSense on your blog yet, then it is high time to create an account on Google AdSense and start making money.

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If you are already using AdSense on your blog, then you must know you need to have high traffic on your blog to make money through AdSense. Apart from this, AdSense CPC is very low in India. If any visitor clicks on the ad from India then you can only make $0.1-$1. However, if a visitor clicks on the ad from USA/UK/United State then you can earn $1-$50. Hence, This is a big problem for Indian AdSense users.

Today I am going to share a master trick to increase your AdSense revenue. This post is about “How To Increase AdSense Revenue Using SEMRUSH“.

Additionally, SEMRUSH can help you earn up to $50 per click and boost traffic of your site.

You need to use high CPC keywords to make more money from Google AdSense. Besides, this is the best trick to increase Google AdSense earnings. But the problem is how to find these high CPC keywords.

You can find long-tail keywords and Increase AdSense Revenue Using SEMRUSH.

Are you confused?

Don’t worry, I will tell you how and where you can find long tail high CPC keywords and Increase AdSense Revenue Using SEMRUSH.

Let’s move further.

How To Increase AdSense Revenue Using SEMRUSH

SEMRUSH is one of the simple and easy tools to find long-tail high CPC AdSense keywords research. Another, best thing about SEMRUSH, it will find high CPC keyword and also give you details about CPC/Ranking of the keywords. You just have to copy that keyword and add to your blog.


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Although, there are a number of tools available online but SEMRUSH is one of the best tools to find perfect keywords for your site. Additionally, it helps in content planning. If you are using SEO on your blog, I will recommend you to use this tool for keyword research.

Above all, you can Increase AdSense Revenue Using SEMRUSH.


Before moving further, I want to tell you SEMRUSH is a premium tool. It usually cost $99.Also, It is not free but you can SEMRUSH trial version for 7 days. You can use the trial version if you have a credit card. Moreover, You can cancel your subscription for SUMRUSH within 7days of trial period.

Let’s see how SEMRUSH works.
  1. Firstly, Go to the official website of SEMRUSH

(See Image Below)

  1. Next, Click on the button ‘Get started with SEMRUSH’.

(See Image Below)

  1. You will see a form on next screen ‘START USING YOUR SEMRUSH MEMBERSHIP’. Fill out required information such as your name, email address, country name, city name, postal code, phone number, credit card details etc.
  1. Once you get registered to SEMRUSH, you will see the SEMRUSH Dashboard. Enter your domain name here and click on the ‘organic keywords.
  1. On next screen, you will see a list of all the keywords with their High CPC, Rank and other information related to keywords.

Once you get the suitable target keywords for your blog, you just need to write a high-quality article using those keywords.

In this way, you can find high CPC long-tail keywords for your blog and Increase AdSense Revenue Using SEMRUSH. Apart from that, you can earn upto$50 if you target USA traffic and use long tail high CPC keywords.

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This is one trick or you can say tool which I have been using so far. Therefore, I will recommend you use SEMRUSH for increasing CPC of your blog. Just give it a try Increase AdSense Revenue Using SEMRUSH. I am sure you will love this tool.

If you want to ask anything about SEMRUSH, please ask me via comments. I hope you liked this article, do not forget to share it with your friends on social media.


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