Top 10 Tricks To Increase AdSense Revenue

Increase AdSense Revenue

Top 10 Tricks To Increase AdSense Revenue

Are you looking for best tips and tricks to increase your Google AdSense Earnings? Check out Top 10 Tricks To Increase AdSense Revenue here.

Google AdSense is the best advertising program for bloggers to monetize a blog. More than 70% of bloggers are making money by monetizing their blogs with Google AdSense. Besides, I am also using Google AdSense on my blog and It is really going well with my blog.

If you are novice blogger, then I will recommend you to ready my other articles on Google AdSense.

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If you are already making good earnings from Google AdSense, you must want to Increase AdSense Revenue. Although there are a number of strategies to Increase AdSense Revenue but only a few them are worthful and work well with a blog. However, I have shared a master trick to Increase AdSense Revenue in my last article which you can use to increase your AdSense Revenue.

Today we will talk about Top 10 amazing tricks to Increase AdSense Revenue. Moreover, I assure you, these tricks will Increase AdSense Revenue if you try them on your blog.

Let’s discuss these tricks.

Top 10 Tricks To Increase AdSense Revenue

However, It is commonly said that you can only make more money if you have a huge traffic on your blog. But this is not true in all cases. Apart from high traffic, it depends on various factors such as ad type, ad placement, CPC of AdSense ad and traffic sources.

You need to search right keywords for your blog in order to drive traffic to your website. However, There are many keyword research tools available online but ‘Keyword Planner’ is one of the best and highly recommended tools for keyword research. Moreover, Keyword Planner provides complete detail about total no of searches of keywords, competition, bid rate, ranking and many other metrics.

Another tool you can use for choosing perfect long tail high CPC keywords for your blog is ‘SEMRUSH’. A high CPC keyword generates more traffic to your blog and increases Google AdSense income.

Without wasting much time let’s discuss Top 10 tricks to Increase AdSense Revenue.
  1. Add AdSense Search Box to your website 

AdSense search not only improves the AdSense revenue but also increases the ranking of your website. It is because readers will also get the information in AdSense search box, which is not even present on your site in the search results.

When a visitor searches in the AdSense search box of your website, your AdSense RPM will be increased whether the visitor clicks on the ad in the search result or not. Moreover, It removes the NO CONTENT problem of your site.

  1. AdSense ad Size and Location 

One of the biggest reasons for getting the low CPC of AdSense ads is improper placement of ad units and size of the ads. So, I will recommend you read AdSense Policies before you placing the ad units on your site. It will help to Increase AdSense Revenue.

Recommend Ad Size Units and Location:

Ad Location: I will recommend you to place the AdSense ad above your post because it is the first place to draw the attention of the visitor. Also, This is the best place to engage the audience.  Moreover, you can get more clicks on the ad by placing the ad units below and above your blog post.

The size of Ad Units: AdSense wants to display full Google ad on your site. So, you should choose ad units of a different size to make it easy for Google AdSense to provide a variety of ads. I will recommend you to use at least one ad unit of size 300*600 and also use responsive ad unit to your blog. Besides, You should choose different ad units size because it increases the chance of getting more CPC.

  1. Organic Traffic of U.K and U.S.A

In India, CPC of AdSense ad is very low and you can only make $0.1-$1.0 per click with the AdSense ad. However, In U.S.A & U.K. CPC of AdSense ad is relatively high. Therefore, If you get a click on the ad from U.K or U.S.A, you can earn $2-$10 per click. Also, if you target the traffic of U.S.A or U.K, you can Increase AdSense Revenue.

Apart from this, I will recommend you to post the high-quality blog and focus on targeting both countries. It will also Increase AdSense Revenue.

  1. Block Ads from Low CPC websites

There are many advertising websites on AdSense which pay low per click on the ads. However, You can block low CPC websites and increase your AdSense earnings by placing ads on websites which pay more per click on the ad. In the AdSense Dashboard, there is an option of ‘Allow & block ads’. You can select which website you want to block or allow. If you block low CPC websitesIt, it will surely Increase AdSense Revenue.

  1. Make ads More Relevant

You can generate more income with AdSense if the ads are more relevant to the content of your website. This entirely depends on the content of your page including header and footer of your website.

The best way to get more relevant ads for your website is to place the ad unit code at the below and above the blog post. This will help to target your ads to the content.

  1. Choose Customize Ad Style

If you want to Increase AdSense Revenue then you need to get more clicks on the ad. For that, design your ad style according to the design of your website. Moreover, You can customize your ad style and change the background color of ad according to your site design to make the ad more attractive. As a result, it will increase the chances of getting more clicks on the ad.

Besides, you can display ads that matched to the color of your blog. Also, Make sure you do not confuse the visitors between the content of your website and ad. Moreover, try to display a customized ad in between your post; this will help to Increase AdSense Revenue.

  1. Block AdSense Category

There is an option of Ad Category in the Google AdSense which allows you block or allow any ad category from your AdSense account. You can block ad categories according to the content of your blog or website.

Before blocking the ad categories, you need to know which types of ads are mostly liked by visitors and which are getting more clicks. There is a feature of Sensitive Categories which can help you know that how many clicks you get from different ad categories. You can easily check which category get the more clicks and block categories which bring lowest clicks on the ad.

  1. Choose both Image and Text ads

It is a common belief that you get high CPC on the Image ads. However, AdSense suggests you choose both types of ads for your blog. If you want to use only text ads then you can place links ads to your post. Besides, Placing one type of ad reduces AdSense CPM. If AdSense CPM will decrease then your AdSense income will also get affected. So, I will recommend you to choose both types of ad units for your post.

  1. AdSense with YouTube Channel

There are many people who are making money by publishing AdSense ads on their videos. If you a blogger, you may write and publish many articles. But I will recommend you make practical videos of the content related to your article and post them on YouTube. It can really help to Increase AdSense Revenue. I have been also doing this for a long time and it works well for my blog. Apart from this, You can upload your videos my making your own YouTube Channel with your domain name. Moreover, You can earn $40-$50 per month by using AdSense on your Videos.

  1. Your Experiment

If you are a newbie to Google AdSense, then I will recommend you experiment different things such as different ad unit size, ad placement location, a different type of content, ads, and keywords on your blog. This can help you know which type of ad, ad location, the size of ad unit and keywords can work best with your blog.

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In the nutshell, these are best tricks to Increase AdSense Revenue. So, try these tricks on your blog and boost your Google AdSense earnings. Share with us, which trick you like the most. If you have any question regarding this post, leave a comment below.

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  • Sandeep Reddy
    Posted at 07:47h, 27 June Reply

    Even background colors can gain more CPC

  • Barakha
    Posted at 21:25h, 12 July Reply

    The different ways and techniques that you have listed are great, and I think, most of us here would be already following that. There must be more than these ideas to increase Adsense RPM. At this time, I consider one smart way to boost RPM, if you are looking for improving Adsense RPM quickly, just make sure you are allowing best (high paying) advertisers on your website, by barring or adding any low paying advertiser from your AdSense account settings…

    Moreover, it might be advantageous for you to attach Google Analytics with your AdSense a/c. This will advise you to check where the improvement in the earnings is coming from. Frequently it occurs when a page on the website rises in search rankings. In case, if your organic search count has increased, they are much more likely to click on AdSense ads if they are arriving from Google than the social sites or a referred or traffic buying site. The visitors for the Google search are very targeted to the topic of yours page. But yeah, on the other side, not sure about the image ads. From my own experience, the visitor tends to stay away from them. I need to practice to know more about this. Let’s see…

    Anyways, thank you so much for all these. Definitely, it will encourage me to concentrate on each and small things to improve earnings. And FYI, now I have done some of this but not all. I will be updating my Adsense account today, or in case, I need any, I will post here for you to anwer.. 😀

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