What is Social Bookmarking in SEO – Beginners Guide

Social Bookmarking

What is Social Bookmarking in SEO – Beginners Guide

Social Bookmarking is an important tool to increase web presence of a site/blog. Additionally, it provides quality backlink for a website which will improve SEO of your site.

What is Social bookmarking?

It is a process to submit a website to social bookmarking sites so that anyone can access that site any time on the internet.

Whenever we use the internet and like some website, we use to remember the name of the website or write it somewhere. But most of the computer users bookmark the site which they like.

In the same way, social bookmarking is a website where lots of people bookmark their favorite websites.

Now you may be thinking what you should bookmark your favorite sites in the social bookmarking website when you can save it to your computer. So, the reason behind is that, if you only bookmark your favorite site on the computer then you can access that site only on your system.

However, if you submit a site on the social bookmarking website then you can access it anytime on the internet. Moreover, any internet user can see that website. It means you are also sharing your link worldwide.

Moreover, these bookmarking sites are very famous because a number of users come and share their link on these sites.

What is the need of Social Bookmarking?

As I told you above, if we like a website while internet surfing, we usually bookmark that site on the computer for future reference.

But in certain situations like the system got crashed or some problem arises in computer and computer stop working; all our bookmarks will be lost. Here is we need social bookmarking to avoid these situations. So, one way to avoid this problem is to save your favorite web page on the social bookmarking website. Besides, it is also considered as one of the SEO tools to increase website ranking in search engine results.

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What is the Role of social bookmarking in SEO?

Social bookmarking is one of the Off-Page SEO techniques. The websites which are saved on such bookmarking sites are considered as a good source to get quality backlinks. Quality backlinks help in increasing website traffic and boosting Google Page Ranking. This is the reason that bookmarking is popular among SEO professionals.

Besides, you can also tag your website with important keywords in bookmarking sites. Also, these Bookmarking Sites are free; you just have to register to them. Once you get to register, you can share or bookmark any number of websites.

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