Why WordPress is Better than Other Web Development Frameworks

Why wordpress is better web development framework seoramanarora

Why WordPress is Better than Other Web Development Frameworks

In terms of website development Frameworks, technology is always advancing. Developing websites has changed for the better in recent years. The traditional method of creating websites is cumbersome, bulky, easily hacked, and hard to master. In this generation of mobile app and website development frameworks, apps are lighter, quicker, more secure, and scalable.

WordPress has so many great features. Many of its features make web development easier and more efficient. The WordPress content management system is the most popular in the world. Companies and entrepreneurs use WordPress to market themselves to prospective clients, showcase their products and services, and boost their search engine rankings.

You can share your business on the web using WordPress, one of the easiest and most robust solutions. Many sites, including BBC America and Sony Music, rely on it for their operations. WordPress is a popular web development framework for many good reasons, so hire WordPress experts.

Is WordPress an effective Web Application Framework?

Amazingly, WordPress is used by 38.6% of all websites on the Internet and 63.6% of all websites with CMS. Using a Web Application Framework can complete the project more quickly, and the maintenance can be made easier over time. The WordPress platform is an ideal choice for developing new web applications and you should hire WordPress experts to accomplish the work.

To reach potential customers through the mobile channel, business websites must be responsive, as mobile traffic has become the best source of traffic for business websites. With WordPress, you can create a website that will work on any device without building separate versions of the website for each device. WordPress allows you to choose theme and design as per your choice and custom build your website according to the requirement of your online business.

WordPress Features

The fact that you are reading this article means you are interested in seeing how WordPress fits into web application development. Many WordPress built-in features can easily be adapted to the development of web applications with minor modifications, so the future seems bright. Dive in and know why WordPress is better than other web development frameworks.


Website Ownership

Understanding the benefits of owning over renting is important to you. This scenario is also visible online. Unlike many popular platform builders, WordPress allows you to own your website (including the site files, database, theme files, and all data related to it). Why is this important? The ability to own allows you to transfer your business easily to another niche. In the future, your website will be a valuable asset if you decide to sell your business. Websites are a form of digital property and can be included in a business sale. If the website is not your own, you’re essentially locked into that contract for life. With WordPress experts, you can easily build templates and see the results in a short timeframe. Read the terms of the experts before you hire WordPress experts carefully.

CMS with a user-friendly interface

The desire to build a website did not lead you to start a business. WordPress gives website admins an easy-to-use dashboard to manage their websites: posts, pages, forms. The admin logs in to the dashboard, adds new content, previews, and then saves it. You can also choose an on-page or template editing experience. Whenever you are working on your website content, you can also save your progress as a draft so that later you can work on it before publishing it on your website.

Easily Customizable

Open-source software is what makes WordPress so powerful. Developers can use this to customize the functionality of a website and the appearance and experience. Often, site builders lack customization options, or if they do, they depend on a limited group of approved development partners for updates and functionality extensions. An open-source project is usually provided for free and is developed by many contributors. Developers with a variety of skill sets are readily available with WordPress. Despite this, there are both good and bad ways to get things done. Hire WordPress experts who have experience customizing sites – someone with years of experience, a portfolio, and even references are better.

Plugins are widely available, which lowers development costs

The majority of businesses have similar problems. Businesses that set themselves differently from the crowd are the ones that provide quality service, are responsive to their customers, and are committed to quality work. WordPress offers a shopping cart plugin called WooCommerce, one of the best out-of-the-box options for websites. Besides solving your problem, this will help you save money as you build your website. The use of existing, trusted plugins reduces the need for custom functionality and connections. A smaller number of upfront costs are incurred. While plugins can add to your website’s cost and speed, they may slow it down. Choosing secure, efficient plugins is important when you’re adding them, so hire WordPress experts.

There are various Themes and Plugins are available on ThemeForest store, which you can use for Blog, Business, eCommerce and Magazine.

SEO Friendly

An online presence is only one part of the equation. It is essential to continue optimizing content, images, and links once a website is built to succeed in search engine rankings. So what’s the good news? The WordPress platform is designed to be SEO-friendly, and you can add some well-known SEO tools to your site using plugins. Rank Math and Yoast SEO are the top two SEO plugins. Technical SEO features include the ability to generate clean, human-readable URLs, optimize images automatically, create XML sitemaps, and markup on the site’s pages. WordPress is a good tool to optimize your site for search engines, even if many other factors are considered.

Communal support

You can search for help from the WordPress community if you’ve decided not to hire WordPress experts and build your website. The developers of the plugin, theme, or people experiencing similar issues are generally available on various online forums and boards. Although most forums will provide solutions that require a little bit of PHP knowledge, code editing is usually required. Even if you hire WordPress experts to develop your site, the community can help them as well. These communities of other professionals who face the same roadblocks can help you resolve your issues even faster if the documentation is poorly written or incomplete.


You must put security at the center of your business decisions. Running your business online, especially when it involves online ordering and processing payments, requires maintaining a secure website and managing user data appropriately. You can integrate several security plugins and add-ons into your site. WordPress is incredibly popular, so there are lots of options available. Check for highly-rated plugins, compatible with your version of WordPress, and have a high number of reviews. Take the time to research before you install plugins. You must use security scanners and alert plugins like Wordfence to monitor your website’s security. It is also important to secure your website with SSL. In addition to ranking factors, HTTPS sites also convey trust signals to your visitors, increasing their likelihood of completing a form.

Speed Optimization

A slow website doesn’t appeal to anyone. According to a Google study published in 2018, 53% of mobile users leave a slow-loading website after three seconds. Searching for an answer can make three seconds feel like an eternity. No one wants to wait. Therefore, your website should be optimized to load fast. To decrease load times, many plugins optimize images and cache web content. Go for a professional web development company for such a situation. 

A large number of plugins and poorly-coded themes on your website may greatly affect its performance, as mentioned above. There is a chance you will run into issues if you rely solely on plugins for your needs. If your website is built in an enterprise environment, it will perform dramatically better, so go for a professional WordPress developer..

Responsive Development

We live in a digital age, but a mobile one. The average time in a day spent on the phone is 3 hours and 15 minutes. Our devices are becoming more important to answer questions, solve problems, and make purchases. A website must be mobile-friendly. In 2018, Google began indexing mobile-first sites, emphasizing the importance of mobile friendliness. By default, Google indexes all new websites with mobile-first indexing. Mobile-friendly sites are best. An adaptive website automatically adapts to the user’s device (desktop and mobile phone), resizing and optimizing the content based on the size of the device being used. With WordPress, you can manage your content easily and develop responsive themes.

WordPress will be active in its development during the years to come, and code updates will come out frequently to improve security, introduce new functionality, and improve performance. 

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It is highly recommended to consider using WordPress as a framework for building a custom web application. With WordPress, it’s pretty straightforward to create a website. However, if you wish to customize the template’s look or functionality, you will have to be knowledgeable about web development.

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