Differences between Liquid Web and Nexcess Web Hosting Platform

Differences between Liquid Web and Nexcess Web Hosting Platform

The main Web hosting platforms anywhere on the Web consistently come up as the top two are ”Liquid Web” and ”Nexcess”. More often, individuals are stuck in the middle picking one from them both; however, the two of them offer elite features and services. It is extremely difficult to pick one from these two web hosting service providers. Thus, in this article, you will get a clear view about Liquid Web and Nexcess that ideally help you conclude whom to decide for the Web hosting services.

What is Liquid Web?

Liquid Web is a leading provider of facilitating Web hosting arrangements like VPS and Dedicated servers and top-notch hosting services. One of the most well-known Web hosting platforms that help entrepreneurs grow their organizations to a higher level. Since 1999, Liquid Web has been assisting its clients with accomplishing their business objectives. The fundamental thought of this web hosting service provider is to assist customers with developing significant stores, locales, and applications.

It made possible for you more than 300 master designers, administrators, and operators. Liquid Web’s significant objective is to support your business possibilities and certifiable potential. This hosting service provider offers cloud-based web hosting, Cloud Word Press hosting, reseller facilitating, VPS, and hybrid hosting.

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Features of Liquid Web:

Liquid Web has plenty of elements that propel it to the highest point of the Web hosting rankings. Here are a couple of its fundamental features:

  • It has effectively overseen more than 500000+ sites from all around the world.
  • A group of around 500 experts serves clients.
  • Have more than ten global data centers and servers.
  • Liquid Web Hosting has more than 50000 clients from more than 150 nations.
  • Hosting advice.com has ranked first.
  • Email, calls, and live chat are accessible 24 hours every day, seven days.

Services provided by Liquid Web:

  • VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server): Access for great performance.
  • Dedicated Cloud Solutions: The server is available for the clients in demand.
  • Customized Server: A Single-tenant server that can be customized.
  • VMware Private Cloud: Multi-tenant and scalable VMware private clouds are available.

Merits of using Liquid Web:

  • Free Email accounts:

Dealing with a business requires communicating with colleagues, seller accomplices, customers, and others via emails. Your brand image will stand apart more according to your clients with branded email addresses that match your website domain. Co-operating with others with a feeling of professional methodology and certainty is important. Liquid Web’s VPS services incorporate free email accounts. You can deal with these records in the Liquid Web control panel. This isn’t conspicuously shown on the Liquid Web site.

  • Responsive Live Chat:

Liquid Web offers three sorts of client care:

  • Phone
  • Helpdesk
  • 24/7 Live Chat

Live chat is the quickest and most effective approach to convey information and communicate. Research of live chat contemplates tracked down that 51% of consumers anticipate that a business should offer every minute of support. The higher the client care reaction time and a decent visit insight, the higher the marketing projections.

  • Great page Loading Speed:

Based on web hosting platforms, Liquid Web makes numerous strong cases about the speed of the sites it hosts. They guarantee that they are quicker than Digital-Ocean, Rack-space, and AWS. While picking a web hosting service provider, speed is quite possibly one of the main components.

The more time your page takes to load, the more probable clients will abandon your webpage, and well-known search engines like Google won’t highlight your site conspicuously. The normal speed limit should be 4.7 seconds for the desktop and 11.4 seconds for cell phones or mobiles. In any case, Google’s prescribed practice is to have a speed list of fewer than 3 seconds.

  • Great Uptime:

Liquid Web guarantees to have an average uptime of 100%. Most of Web hosting organizations offer a 99.9% uptime ensure because you can’t expect catastrophic disasters. It is uncommon to find a Web hosting organization that claims 100% uptime.

  • Site migration is free:

Liquid Web offers a free site migration to its clients. Liquid Web endorsers or subscribers can relocate both internally on the Liquid Web server as of now and remotely also.

  • Dashboard and Control Panel Selection:

There is normally just one control panel offered by the hosts as inspected; Liquid Web, in any case, gives you three alternatives –Inter Worx, P-lesk, and c-Panel. There are no extra charges for these plans as long as you pick the yearly or semi-annual choice.

What is Nexcess?

Nexcess is considered a Liquid Web brand that focuses on Word Press and other content management systems (CMS) for content sites and e-commerce. Technology is advancing drastically at a quick pace in the modern era, and it is therefore very tough to create something new and different from others.

Nexcess’ built-in fully managed hosting is much better. The excess crew is dependably dependable, responsive, and customer-focused. Nexcess is a Liquid Web brand that focuses on Word Press and other content management frameworks for content sites and internet business, or you can say e-commerce.

 Technology innovation is progressing rapidly in the modern world, and thus it is challenging to make something extremely new and unique. In any case, each innovation requires hard work, commitment, and responsibility.

Nexcess is a popular Web hosting platform established in the year 2000. Nexcess offers its services through an assortment of various data centers across the globe. “The Nexcess” offers a scope of devices to assist with developing an online business, different types of applications, and blogs. Nexcess’ inherent complete web hosting is greatly improved. Nexcess’ team is constantly responsive, reliable, and customer-centered.


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Features of Nexcess:

  • Nexcess is a unique Web hosting platforms that offer the best A-list services at effectively reasonable costs for its clients.
  • Support is accessible 24 hours every day, seven days by email calls and live chats.
  • Nexcess’ administrations consistently plan for high volume spikes.
  • There are just about 500000 sites taken care of by Nexcess.
  • It gives two-fold assurance security to your site and guarantees that your site stays safe.
  • There are almost ten Nexcess websites all through the world.
  • It is a Platinum Partner of the Magneto Association.
  • Have over 20 years of involvement with the field of web hosting.
  • Provides its clients with the speed that a developing firm’s necessities and requirement.

Services provided by Nexcess:

  • Woo-commerce Solutions: The solution is used for high performance and is easy to scale.
  • Nexcess Store Builder: It is available free with the hosting
  • Magneto Hosting: An e-Commerce site made for high traffic sites
  • Word Press Hosting: It is widely used as content management tools
  • Drupal: It is highly flexible and scalable
  • Membership Sites: It can power up and boost your website.

Merits of Nexcess:

  • Easy to access the Control Panel:

All plans accompany two control panels: c-Panel or P-lesk, except the managed Word Press plan. Then again, managed Word Press hosting plans offer the restrictive control panel, permitting various Word Press websites to be overseen from a single interface, making it simple to utilize. The entireties of the tools you need to deal with your site are accessible in a simple-to-use dashboard.

  • Great Uptime Guarantee:

Nexcess is one of the few Web hosting platforms that ensure 100% uptime. This isn’t practical. Nexcess diagrams a couple of special cases: Malicious attacks that consistently take out a server maintaining network, equipment, or programming. There are issues with the c-Panel that cause disturbances. Some lawful activities are taken against your site or business in some cases.

  • Exceptional Speed:

Nexcess keeps up with and operates three center data centers with excellent speed: US-Central Region: 402ms, US-West Region: 453ms, and EU-Central Region: 765ms

  • Free CDN Services:

Whatever site you have, conveying content universally and rapidly should be one of your first needs. Fortunately, it has free CDN administrations and services, which you can empower directly from the control panel.

Demerits of Nexcess:

  • There is no free space and domain
  • Hosting may be costly for novices

Final Thoughts on the difference between Liquid Web and Nexcess:

Liquid Web is a market king in VPS and one of the dedicated Web hosting platforms. Nexcess, then again, focuses on Word Press and other content management systems (CMS) for content websites and Web-based business. The trial webpage execution and load impact performed very well for Liquid Web, and their 100% uptime should not be neglected.

The host will probably be a decent decision for individuals who would prefer not to stress over what might occur if their crowd develops quickly or their content gets viral around the Web. Since it can deal with spikes in rush hours or high traffic, don’t charge overage expenses.

Nexcess offers a wide scope of web hosting services that consider small, medium, and large businesses and offers many provisions. Nexcess guarantees customers’ security.

The client’s desires and requirements are the first concern. Nexcess gives a definite and pocket-accommodating value list.

Nexcess gives its customers every minute of support. If you experience an issue, you can email Nexcess, and the help group will respond instantly. As per some analysis, both liquid Web and Nexcess have a similar rating. Presently everything’s dependent upon you to choose what you need. Assuming you need modest web hosting, you can go with Nexcess. If you have a large budget that you need quality and best services, you can go with Liquid Web.


The upcoming e-commerce and blogging firms should use the services of Nexcess because there is so much more to learn from this web hosting platform. The essential feature is that it is it can be easily affordable and inexpensive. In any case, if you deal with a site with a huge number of guests, you should pick Liquid Web. This is because you currently have an adequate financial plan and require premium abilities to go further. It would be best if you utilized Liquid Web.

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