How to Inspire Blogging when you are Demotivated

How to Inspire Blogging when you are Demotivated

Life is full of ups and downs, failures and success. These things are part of our lives and we should always remember that nothing lasts forever in this word. Not even failures. Almost all of us have seen failures in our lives at some point in time. There is nothing like a failure if we learn from it and do not commit the same mistake again. Have you ever feel broken, uninspired and demotivated? I am sure you might have. This the human nature to feel like this. But for achieving something big, you have to fall many times and rise every time.

How to Inspire Blogging when you are Demotivated

One problem that I hear a lot from the budding bloggers, as well as experienced bloggers, is that they have been writing blogs for months but now feeling demotivated and uninspired to write the blog. This is a common problem and many of the good bloggers leave blogging because they feel demotivated. There comes a phase in the blogger’s journey where they feel like discontinuing the blog. I have heard bloggers saying that they are tired of not getting enough readers in the blog. One of my blogger friend said that he does not want to continue the blog as he is hardly getting 100 readers for the blog posts. The number of comments is also very less and people are commenting mainly for the backlinking.

This is not the problem of one single blogger. Many of the new bloggers are facing the same issue and they quit blogging out of demotivation and lack of proper guidance. The key is to stay motivated every single day by feeding the good thoughts to the mind. Be persistent in your efforts even if you are demotivated and do not want to continue.

Here I will be sharing some of the tips that novice bloggers can follow when they feel demotivated and inspired out of frustration.

1. Explore Your Reason for Blogging

First things first. Ask yourself the reason why did you start blogging. What inspired you to start the blog. If your answer is ‘I want to make money from the blogging’, well this is the outcome of the blogging and a part of it. You have to ask yourself the real reason why you started blogging in the first place and what drives you to write more posts. Ask yourself following questions and try to answer them:

  • What are your passions?
  • What is the purpose of your blogging and why should anyone read your blogs?
  • What makes you different from all the other bloggers?

2. My Motivation

Many bloggers ask me what keeps me motivated. Instead of answering separately to every person I would like to share my thoughts in one place so that everyone gets the answer and get inspired. If you ask me what keep me motivated about blogging, then I will say that I love to write and want to spread my knowledge to the world. Blogging helps me to reach a wide number of the audience around the world. If my blog is helping even one single person in any corner of the world and solve his problem or doubts, I feel my blogging is successful. The satisfaction of helping others motivates me to continue blogging. is a well-established name in the travel industry. They are also providing affiliate partner program that is open to all who have blog or website that can promote their business. and nothing can match that satisfaction not even the money involved. If you take money out of blogging, then also my passion for blogging will be the same.

3. Start From the Basic and then Go Advanced

Many budding bloggers make a mistake of writing the high level and advanced topics. This should not be the case. You have to first write basic articles on the niche you are writing. Then gradually increase the level of the articles and you can go to the advanced levels. For example, if you are straightaway writing a blog say ‘How to install WordPress Plugin in Hostinger’, it would not be a great idea. First, you have to write articles about WordPress, how WordPress works, where it is used, its scope etc. Also, you have to articles on web hosting, what is web hosting, which are leading web hosts in the market and so on. When your audience is aware of the basic things, then you can move to more advanced topics.

4. Set Realistic Goals

Do not dream of getting thousands of views overnight. This is the main reason why most of the bloggers feel demotivated. So, please do a favour for yourself and set goals that are tangible and achievable. Make sure you work hard and persistently to achieve that goal. Create small goals for yourself and fix a time limit for achieving them. If you achieve them, tap your back and move forward. If out of some reasons you were not able to achieve, do not panic. Just look into the matter what was the reason behind and work on it.

5. Do Not Be a Loner

In the long path of blogging, do not be a loner. You will need some friends that can help you in hard times. Make connections while blogging and make friends that have similar interest to you in blogging. Share your thoughts, ideas with them, help them and get help from them. This will make the things easier and you can go a long way on the road of blogging.

Wrapping Up

Blogging has changed my life for good and it will definitely happen to you. A time will come when you will thank yourself for not quitting the blogging. All you have to do is to be patient and keep your cool. Keep away from negative people that demotivates you and always feed your mind with positive thoughts. Success is right there you just have to keep walking.

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