How to Setup Your Online Store with Shopify

Setup Your Online Store with Shopify

How to Setup Your Online Store with Shopify

Shopify is perfect e-commerce solutions for those, who want to start there online store. It allows people to Setup Your Online Store with Shopify to sell their products or goods.

Moreover, you can customize look and feel of your online store. Also, you will have access to a large variety of themes to choose the theme that reflects the personality of your business.

Apart from that, Shopify helps to grow your business. You can run the business with ease because Shopify itself handles everything from marketing, payments, information security, secure checkout and good shipping. Additionally, Shopify uses a great tracking system to track sales, orders, payments, records and much more.

Besides, there are more than 377,599 people who have sold their products worth of sales $29 using Shopify. Their main focus is to make the commerce better for everyone.

Above all, these are some other features to Setup Your Online Store with Shopify:

  • Manage unlimited products and inventory
  • Fulfil orders in a single step
  • Fully customize your online store
  • Track sales and growth trends
  • Add new sales channels in seconds

Shopify offers three types of programs for each type of user to make some revenue with Shopify. These programs are as following:

Let’s know a bit about these three programs and how you can make money with them:

  1. Shopify Partner Program: if you can design themes for Shopify as a partner then you can join this Program. Shopify will give you 70% commission for each sale on the Shopify Theme Store. 
  1. Shopify Partner Program For Developers: If you can build apps to work with Shopify then you can join this program. Shopify will give you 80% commission for each sale of app. 
  1. Shopify Affiliate Program: If you are a blogger or publisher then you can join Shopify Affiliate Program. You can earn 200% commission per sale of Shopify with your referral link. That means you can make $2000 per sale of Shopify via Shopify Affiliate Program.

How to Setup Your Online Store with Shopify


  • Enter your email id and click Get started button.

  • On next window, enter your email address, store name and choose a password. The click Create Your Store button.

  • Here, choose the relevant answer according to question then Click Next.

  • In next step, enter you detail such as name, address, city, state, pin code and website URL. If you don’t have website, you can leave it blank then click Enter my store

  • Congratulation, you have setup your online store with Shopify. You are on Shopify Dashboard. Here you can upload a theme for your online store or you can visit Shopify theme store to buy a theme.

How to add product in your online store with Shopify?

  • Click on the Home tab on Shopify Dashboard to explore various options such as Add a product, Customize a theme, Add a Domain and much more.

  • Then click on the Add product
  • Here you will redirect to Add Product page. Add your product features and images here. Also, set its price, title, keywords, Meta description and much more. Then click on save button. 

Your product is added successfully. In this way, you can add any number of products in your store. 

How to customize a theme?

As I have already told you, you can upload a theme or choose a new theme for your online store. Besides, you can also customize your theme by clicking the Customize Theme button in Home tab.

Moreover, if you don’t have any themes then visit the store and choose any theme. Download the theme and install it. After that, customize your look and feel of theme according to your choice which reflects your business.

How to Add a Domain Name

You can also add your domain in Shopify to help your customers to remember your online store. Click on the Add Domain button in the Home tab.

You don’t need to buy web hosting because Shopify offers unlimited e commerce hosting on all plans.

Here you will see two options; you can buy a new domain or you can choose an existing domain. It’s up to you. If you don’t have exiting domain name, I will recommend you buy domain from Bluehost.

That’s it. Enjoy this trial period for 14 days then switch to Shopify plans according to your requirement.

Shopify offer different services with different plans.

Take a look at the Shopify Plans & Pricing:

Choose your plan very carefully. Shopify also offer a 10% discount on and annual plan and a 20% discount on a biennial plans. Once your trial period gets over, buy a plan and start selling your products.

Start a blog on Shopify !

If you want to sell your products online, then this is easy method where you can create online store in 15 minutes. Join Shopify Partner Program now.

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I hope this article will help you to make some additional bucks with Shopify. If you want to ask something, leave us a comment below.
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