How to Stay Safe in Digital World From Online Fraud

How to Stay Safe in Digital World From Online Fraud

How to Stay Safe in Digital World From Online Fraud

Today we are talking about “How to Stay Safe in Digital World From Online Fraud”. Internet is a new world for us in 21st century. This enables us to contact with anyone regardless of distance. Anyone connected to Internet can access almost every information via correct site name & password. But do you know there are many sites where your personal information is kept public.

Anyone who is trying to get the information can get it with few clicks. The worst thing about this there is no need to expertise to retrieve the information. So here we are going to tell you some sites where your information is kept public & how you can add the security layer on them. Internet has now become a necessity for us. We can do almost everything on Internet. The tasks includes connecting with friends, finding a solution to a problem & paying bills.

Stay Safe in Digital World – Importance of Internet Safety

There are so many other things that we do on Internet. The work we do on Internet is limitless. We can talk & write on these things endlessly. So there is an important topic about Stay Safe in Digital World which I am going to touch today.

What is the significance of Digital Safety?

The most important & personal data of us is lying on Internet without any security. This causes so much vulnerability (chances of breach) in our lives. The data is kept open for public in such a way that anyone can search your information very easily. After the information is retrieved by a person, they can affect your life according to their intentions. Using the data they can help you or they can harm you.

Stay Safe from Hackers & Secure Your Personal data – Cyber Safety Practice

The data they will get can be used in any way they like. So it is our sole responsibility to stay conscious about our data that is important & personal for us.

Soon there will be circumstances where we will get threats from other countries or any terrorist groups to leak our data. These data can be of personal level or national level. So we should try to secure our personal data & keep other people updated about the same.

If we will be able to secure our personal data from hackers, then there is a high chance of securing our nation.

In 2017, we have seen so many cyber attacks. In this the most important were

  1. Wanna-cry Ransomware
  2. Petya Ransomware & Data Wiper.

Both of these cyber attacks are notorious attacks in the history. The consequences of these attacks were very bad on the economy & cyber security of multiple countries.

The hot-spot from where all the data leaks

These attacks will be evolved in many aspects in near future. This will effect common man lives too. That is we need to be aware about digital safety.

So here we are going to tell you where your personal data is kept mostly. The list is not much long, you can check the details very easily & securing it more easy.

  1. Facebook
  2. Other Social Networking sites
  3. Personal information of Website Owners
  4. Phone Numbers & contact details on less secure websites.

These are the main places where everyone’s personal information is kept in a very careless manner. I am going to describe all of them one by one.


Facebook is the world’s most used websites. There is no need for mentioning anything what we do on Facebook. The main focus is to maintain digital safety on Facebook. Remember when we create our account on Facebook , it asks to enter some information into it.

The information is Name , phone number & e-mail Id. There are other details like school name , College name & other details. We put all of these information on Facebook very easily & convincingly.

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But most of us don’t know that the information stays public & anyone can come and see all of it. After the account is made, we need to change the visibility setting of all the information to only me.

This can be done by the given steps

  • Login to your Facebook Account & go to your profile.
  • Click on about section & go to Contact information.
  • Press the Edit section & change the privacy settings to Only Me.
  • The third step is to be repeated for every information you like to hide from public.

Using this you can secure the information on Internet. You can also select the friends who can see the information

Other Social Networking sites

Other social networking sites like twitter & Instagram should also be checked for the information that we need to hide from unknown people. This way you will end up securing all your information from the social media platforms.

Personal information of Website Owners

If you are a website owner then you should keep an eye on the information that you have kept open for public. This again starts when you purchase the domain & hosting. While you purchase the domain, they asks you to enter the personal information of you. The necessity of asking the information is purely legit but the information should be kept private. Hosting company provide the facility to hide all the details of domain owner. The facility can be seen in the name of Add Private Registration.

Phone Numbers & contact details on less secure websites

There are so many website which ask to you to make a registration & promises to give you free balance on your mobile number. The website also forces you to share the link to three of your friends via Whats-app of other messaging service.

They do not give you any balance for your mobile number. During the registration process, you have to enter your personal information in the website. The website owner uses the information in the various purpose. The information can be sued for promotional & marketing people. Even more worse, the information can be sold on black market in a high price.

These are some known aspects which I knew for securing the personal information of a person on Internet. There may be some other information. If you have anything to add, then please add something to this. Visit my blog: Click here

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