What are Backlinks and How They Are Important For SEO

What are Backlinks

What are Backlinks and How They Are Important For SEO

If you are a blogger or website owner then you must know the importance of SEO for your blog or website. Both On-Page and Off-Page SEO are essential for increasing website ranking and traffic of website. Although, there are many techniques of On-Page such as tags, keywords, meta-data, meta-description and many more. But one other important aspect of on-page SEO is Backlinks. However, newbie blogger usually ignore backlinks as they don’t know much about it.

So What are Backlinks ?

If you don’t know much about backlinks and their importance in SEO then you don’t need to worry. Today I will share detailed information about Backlinks in this post. Also, you will learn “How Backlinks are Important for SEO”?
Let’s start !

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are those links which comes to your website from some other website. In simple words, when a visitor redirect to your website by clicking link on some other website is called as Backlink.

For instance, if someone mentions my post link in their post and people visit my blog through that link, I will get a quality backlink.
A website or blog having quality backlink gets more traffic and popularity. So it’s very important to get high quality backlinks for increasing traffic of your website.

Terms Related to Backlinks

I hope you now know What are Backlinks. Now I am going to tell you about the types of backlinks. There are basically two types of backlinks:
• Internal Backlinks
When you linked two posts or pages of your website with each other, this is called internal linking.
For example, if I have an article related to backlinks and I mention link of my other related article like “Tips to get quality backlinks” in this post then this is called as internal backlinks.
You can mention any number of backlinks i.e. internal backlinks in your post.
• External Backlinks
When you add link of some other website in your post or blog then this is called external linking.
For Example, in guest posting, we add link of our website while posting so we can get backlinks from other website.
• Link Juice
When search engine passes the juice from one website to another through hyperlinks then search engine follow that link and consider it as a vote for that websites. Link Juice helps in improving page rank in organic result.

• Nofollow Backlinks
Nofollow Links are basically links which does not allow search engines bot to pass the link juice.  That’s means it doesn’t allow search engine bots to follow the link and only human can follow the links. Nofollow Links are used to hide the website link from search engine.
• Dofollow Backlinks
Dofollow link is a link where you allow the search engine bot to index your website. It means, search engine bots pass link juice if they find Dofollow links. You can also increase your website ranking by using your website target keyword in Dofollow links. Both human and search engine can allow Dofollow links. Read this article: Basic Difference Between Nofollow and Do-Follow Links
• Low Quality Links
The links came from low quality websites such as spamming, gambling, porn, hacking etc are Low Quality Links. For Example, If a visitor comes to your website by clicking a link of your post on low quality website then this will be count as Low Quality Link.
• High Quality Links
When you get backlinks from websites or blog which have good page ranking i.e. high DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority), also which are very popular in organic results then you will get High Quality Links for your website.
So these are some terms which you will hear about backlinks. I hope you get enough information about these terminologies.
Let’s move to our next topic !
How Backlinks are Important for SEO?
Backlinks are very important for improving SEO of website. It helps in increasing website popularity and ranking. Also, it improves organic traffic of your website. However, you will get more traffic if you will have a large number of quality links on your website.
Additionally, there are other points which show importance of backlinks in SEO.
• Fast Indexing your website in Search Engine
When search engine bot crawl your website it will focus on total number of backlinks on your site and from where you are getting the maximum traffic. Therefore, if you have lots of high quality backlinks on your website then search engine bots will index your website faster.
• Improves Alexa Ranking
Alexa Ranking is very much important for any website or blog. Backlinks helps to improve Alexa ranking of your website. More you have the Alexa ranking, more people will like to visit your website. Hence increases site popularity and traffic as well.
• Get Referral Traffic
Referral Traffic is very important to get high ranking in Search Engine Results. You will get a referral link when some visitor directly redirect to your website by clicking link present on some other website. However, you can increase referral traffic through guest posting, blog commenting and by making good relations with other bloggers or website owners.
• Helps to Improve Search Engine Ranking
Backlinks helps to improve search engine results
When you will get quality backlink from some website then search engine also shows your website in search results when someone search for other website from where you get the backlinks. Hence search engine will increase your website ranking and also improves DA of your website. Additional, you will get more traffic on your website.
So, these are some points which show Importance of Backlinks in SEO. Apart from this, Backlinks helps in getting success in blogging.

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I hope you will get enough information about Backlinks and its importance in SEO.
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