5 SEO Metrics to Pay Attention for Improving Campaign Performance

5 SEO Metrics to Pay Attention for Improving Campaign Performance

5 SEO Metrics to Pay Attention for Improving Campaign Performance

Analysis of traffic data helps to evaluate the health of SEO campaign by understanding how the campaign is performing.  The paybacks for your SEO efforts should give not only satisfaction but also the encouragement to do better.  By analyzing the data, you gain valuable insights about SEO performance that helps to develop new strategies and tactics that are more effective. SEO is not free, and you must invest time and money for which it is important to focus on the return on investment which is a measure of success. How can we measure the fruits of labor which is commercial parlance is ROI?

By looking at various SEO metrics, it is possible to judge Golden search advantage SEO performance that indicates the level of success and points to what needs to be done to improve results. Some of the most important SEO metrics that you must monitor closely is discussed in this article.

Click rate

Clicks are like heartbeats that indicate liveliness of websites which in turn is a measure of its popularity. Sites that receive more clicks are naturally more popular, and it shows that SEO performance is satisfactory. Clicks are valuable because it resembles traffic flow to websites as higher clicks translate into more traffic.  

While the number of clicks that the website receives is important, to ensure that the clicks generate leads and conversions, you must know which type of searches generate clicks. This information should help to improve optimization with more focus on click generating searches and keywords because you will come to know which landing pages garner most clicks and what page elements triggered more clicks.

You can generate a report from Google Search Console that provides the number of clicks on the website and even the elements that drive those clicks.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate means how soon a visitor leaves a website. If a visitor quits a site just after viewing one page, it translates into 100% bounce rate and depending on the nature of the site and its design; this can either be bad or good. However, high bounce rate is generally bad because it tells Google that the content does not make visitors happy which is the reason for quitting quickly, meaning the website is of poor quality. On the contrary, the reason for visitors leaving the web page quickly could be that they have got the information that they are looking for almost immediately and are happy to quit.

Google Analytics provides a report for determining bounce rate, and you can use it to evaluate user experience that points to website quality.

Keyword ranking

 Keyword ranking is one of the metrics that point to SEO performance and critically important because of its powers to drive traffic to websites. For reaching to the top ranks in SERPs, you must understand which keywords are most active in driving traffic to the site so that you know how much organic traffic it generates. Improving on any shortcomings should improve the performance of websites that starts attracting more traffic.

The Queries report in Google Search Console provides a list of keywords that contribute in ranking the website. The report reveals the click-through rate, number of impressions received and Google ranking.

Exit pages

Just as the landing page of a website is vital to judge its strength similarly, the exit pages are important to determine the weakness of sites, if any. By looking at the pages from which visitors are exiting the site, you can gather insight about if there is anything detrimental on the pages that made them quit or is it that they were happy to leave it after having a pleasing experience about visiting it. By critically evaluating the elements of the page and its content you can make out whether it was a happy exit or unhappy exit. In case it is an unhappy exit, you must determine what is wrong about the page and improve it. Generate the Exit Pages report from Google Search Console to analyze the exit patterns.

Mobile Usability

Websites must be mobile friendly because Google has clearly stated that mobile friendliness is a critical factor for earning high ranks. It means that you must determine website performance on mobile devices too. Since there can be no compromise on user experience, you must ensure that mobile users are happy in viewing your website on their devices. You must know if they are experiencing any difficulty in navigating the site or viewing it so that you can make improvements. By generating the mobile usability report from the Google console, you can look at the metrics that point to the satisfaction level of mobile users and the problems that they might be facing.

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These are only some metrics that help to evaluate SEO performance, and there are many more that we can discuss at some other time.

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